FutureOn: Empowering oil and gas companies digitally

Vast ranges of industries around the world are aided by digital transformation so the oil and gas industry is no exception. Digital advancements have allowed this industry to respond effectively to the changes across the value chain.




In general, oil and gas companies have to cope up with various risks including costs and efficiency.  However, digital strategies and tools can address some of the pressure of these companies. So, digitalization has put the things to change dramatically and for the better.




Drilling into IT



Gone are the days, when IT investments done by oil and gas companies were restricted to managing information systems and streamlining their process. Traditionally IT investments were rarely done for the improvement in bottom-line but now oil and gas companies are drilling into IT for improving their efficiencies and reducing their costs.



Digital technologies like Big Data, Analytics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, and IoT can optimize the operational efficiency of oil and gas companies.



FutureOn provides global collaborative solutions for the oil and gas companies to advance their business in the future and to support their digital strategy. FutureOn®’s FieldTwin™ and FieldAP™ the data management platforms can drive the digital strategy of the company forward.




How FutureOn digital oilfield solutions empower energy companies?




  • FutureOn offers digital solutions for the oil and gas companies that are designed by merging the capabilities of IT, engineering, and visual design to outrage the traditional engineering workflows.
  • Our digital solutions provide new and smarter ways of working and with better outcomes.
  • FutureOn digital oilfield software tools are easy to use and integrate so there is no requirement of extensive training and support.
  • Our solutions can be customized to the scope of specifications of the oil and gas companies so can be integrated with the existing system to improve efficiency.


  • Our solutions enable the companies to tap unused data as with the robotics or IoT sensors the value of data can be lost while evaluating but FieldTwin or FieldAP can’t. in the absence of sophisticated digital management software, approximately 60 to 70% of the company’s data goes unused for business intelligence and analytics due to unmanaged data by the engineers.
  • But, we provide a comprehensive platform that is designed to identify the discrepancies on the spot. So, these platforms enable the teams to do better management of company data and make better decisions for the improvement of workflows.
  • Better Data visualization and management can enable the engineers to examine multiple possibilities in a few minutes rather than days, weeks, or even sometimes in many months. FutureOn’s oilfield solutions can help the teams to visualize more about the company’s assets from every vantage point in real-time 3D simulations.
  • Our solutions enable the engineers to explore more ideas in lesser time in collaboration with colleagues all across the globe.
  • Our platforms can be easily integrated into the existing expert systems of the oil and gas companies so engineers can simply open the flow simulation software or any other engineering software without closing out of FieldTown.
  • Our secured and customized digital oilfield solutions protect the proprietary data of each participating oil and Gas Company.

All in all, our next-level digital platforms are revolutionary solutions for the oil and gas companies that can address most of pressures and turn their risks into valuable opportunities. However digital strategy can vary between various oil and gas companies but the outcome will be the same that is maximum production and minimum cost and downtime.


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