Future of Seo

Search Engine Optimization is simply an indispensable part of your digital marketing strategy. It not only helps to drive traffic to your website but also helps to make your brand and products recognizable online. Many people think of SEO as only incorporating keywords in their content, but in reality, the practice is just a mere part of overall SEO. It is always crucial for brands to stay up to date with all the SEO trends.

The SEO criteria constantly change with the newest trends in the landscape. It is always essential to think about the future and be proactive. The future of SEO is all about understanding the user and delivering a top-notch brand and web experience. Old SEO strategies focusing on link building and keyword volume are no longer effective. Marketers must think creatively and collaborate to enhance media operations, drive organic traffic to websites, and increase long-term user engagement to succeed in SEO. 

What’s Changing SEO?

The interrelation of SEO, human behavior, technology, media, and mindset are all changing SEO and online marketing landscape. SEO professionals now need to be both narrators and expert marketers simultaneously. It is crucial for them now to develop strategy and communicate brand values at once. The communicated message should also be precisely according to the requirements of the users to provide them with the highest degree of experience and convenience.

What It Means for SEO Professionals?

SEO professionals must be spontaneous in getting the right content to the right user. Make the content easy to understand for them and inspire them in the best way possible. Marketers need to think about the user experience, assess their target audience, and consider the about right type of website optimization. They also need to think about the visual vocabulary they use to connect with users. SEO professionals now need to understander user’s intent along with their wants and desires that drive behavior.

Consider The Value-Driven Awareness

Brands must become value-driven and purposeful in order to appeal to the new audience, especially Gen Z. Without brand awareness and a robust message, people won’t visit your website nor engage on your social channels. Always develop the right message for the right audience with some sort of incentive attached to the message. Mention your USPs and the reasons you are the best match for them. Practicing value-driven awareness can always help you to hook more potential consumers and retain them with your brand for years to come.   

With the evolution of technology and new gadgets, the use of voice search is gaining new traction. All major gadget manufacturers are integrating AI assistants in their voice search engines. SEO professionals need to adapt to the technology in order to make traffic to their sites grow. Although adopting new technology is challenging but highly beneficial as it adds to user experience and convenience. The practice is also perfect for making you prepared for the future of SEO, as traditional search engines will lose traction over time. 

Think Like a Machine 

It is ironic, but you have to think like a machine to understand the human mind in the SEO spectrum. Google and all the major search engines work on the base of neural networks. Understanding the semantics behind the technology is crucial to develop better SEO strategies. To master it, you need to consider the following:

  • How audience searches on the web
  • What do they think, and what is their intent
  • What appeals to them most and they click on
  • How they act on the website, they click
  • How they see the website being effective for them.

All of these points are crucial for developing the right SEO strategy. However, it is always on the users. Always try to provide them with the highest degree of experience to make a lasting impression on their mind.   

What Can You Do?

The best advice I can provide ahead of any major Google core or algorithm update will be to make your website & content more appealing and authentic to the end users instead of adjusting it as per Google’s terms. The old but gold strategy with SEO is always making your website & content more user-centric, which is bound to provide a golden experience to site visitors.

Continuing from the last point, Link placements and Guest post opportunities might seem important to website owners with the aim of building as many backlinks as possible. However, ensuring that the backlink is coming from a relevant authority in your niche is more profitable for your website in the long run. If I’d be operating a Hair Saloon website, I won’t like a backlink GoDaddy (Though 90+ DR) on an article regarding website flipping as a side hustle. This backlink doesn’t enhance my content or my authority.

The golden rule of link placement & guest post opportunities is to look at which page the backlink is attributing to. Google naturally rewards a naturally flowing backlink that focuses on providing additional & useful information to the reader. If your website/page fulfills the usefulness checkmark, then it can be a great opportunity. 

–         Johannes Larsson Founder of Financer