Future Market Trends of the Transformers industry in India.

Every industrial domain is ready to march on a revolutionary path. Every company operating in the market is looking for hot market trends and is in a hurry to adopt the same. The electrical industry is nowhere behind other businesses. The advancement of electricity-consuming sectors also boosts the demand for the core electricity regulator, a transformer. The growth of power consumption capacities will increase the demand for electricity and the requirement of power transformers. The studies estimate nearly 6% CAGR of growth in demand for electricity till 2025, from that of 26 thousand terawatt-hours in 2018. And the rise in demand will lead to an increase in the requirements of the power transformer. 

But here, the questions and challenges enter the picture for the transformer manufacturers in India. The electricity grids are expected to suffice the modern age and complex requirements. In the race of advancing, the manufacturers must ensure following the present and preparing for the adoption of future market trends. 

What are the stimuli for growth in the market of power transformers and work as the trendsetters? Growth in the development of renewable power generation setups and enhancement and up-gradation of existing grid lines. 

With this blog, let’s have a closer look into the current and upcoming transformer market trends.

The industry experts and various market studies conclude that the industry is to experience a dramatic rise in demand and restructuring of the industry. In contrast, they also conclude that the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has poorly affected the industry. Now that the economies are reviving, the requirements are also surging back. 

Every power transformer user seeks revamped energy-efficient transformers that perform or rate well in the parameters of flexibility, excellence, resilience, and inter-connectivity. All of this is due to the rapid escalation of renewable energy and digitalization across every sector. 

Digitalization will soon snowball into every corner of the transformer manufacturing industry in the coming years, like the launching of smart transformers. These transformers will be capable of self-regulation, i.e., voltage regulations and consistent communication with the grids. It provides for remote transformer supervision and sharing real-time inputs/feedbacks for supply matters. The transformers are said to include intellectual electronic equipment, monitoring, and indicative features. What perks will the manufacturer/user enjoy on its adoption – enhanced productivity and operational activities, greater assurance of assets, security of the substation operators, and reduced costs and facility space requirements? 

In terms of categories of transformers, the market can witness the introduction of new transformer types – phase-shifting transformers, HVDC converter transformers, coupling transformers, and mobile transformers. 

The continuing advancement of technology guarantees the scope for the growth market size of the transformers industry. The modern-day transformer manufactures are willingly contributing resources to introduce equipment that is both future safe and environment friendly. The Research and Development wings dedicatedly work to innovate, manufacture and install equipment that boosts the vision of long-term sustainability. 

Everything – technology, material, or the equipment itself, has fixed life tenure and a fixed operational duration. With the deterioration of technology and relevance with present and future scenarios, the manufacturers may lose their market share in no time. Therefore, it is crucial to research, study, understand, and adopt the market trends and hold on to opportunities for fostering business developments.

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