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The Logistics denotes the entire process of managing how resources are obtained, stored, and transported to their final destination. Logistics management involves identifying prospective distributors and suppliers and formative their effectiveness and approachability. Nonetheless, logistics are the management of the course of things between the point of origin and the point of intake in order to meet the desires of customers or corporations. The market of international logistics is having a momentous growth with the growing requirement of several goods across the world. Logistics involves transportation and warehousing, which is commenced by the logistics provider for competent and effective delivery. Foremost companies are primarily aiming at the specific industry segments such as high-tech machines, automobile segment, pharmaceutical sector, and several other high revenue generators.

Whereas, the logistics industry in KSA is one of the foremost logistics markets in the world after UAE and is projected to be the coming transshipment hub for Asian, African, and European regions, given the satisfactory location of KSA. Growth in the industry has been encouraged owing to the high affluence of doing business and ranked 89th position in the Globe.

The industry is registered by Sea and land freight Movements considering the robust position in Oil Exports and import Dependency for all the Indispensable Products too. The country has robust trade relations with Asian countries, European countries, and the US. Land freight is frequently common with UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, and Egypt. Air freight is moderately expensive than any other Mode and is frequently used for Express Shipments. The KSA also has a durable warehousing market segment where the real estate players are chartering out their space to logistics organizations and Captive players for lengthier durations. Warehouses are strenuous in areas of Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al Khobar due to the high population and presence of Seaports. The Courier, Express and Parcel market is propelled by growth in Last-Mile deliveries and the E-Commerce sector in the country.

Outsourcing to be Key Market Trend

The foremost growth in the usage of logistics services outsourced across the region has led to market growth. Increasing imports and exports, together with the mammoth requirement for logistics services, are propelling producers to trade worldwide as a result of economic growth and urbanization. The logistics infrastructure is developed to satisfy the demand for additional logistics characteristics utilizing IT to ensure smooth data flow from one foundation to the next. This aspect augments requirements in the global logistics market to a prodigious extent.

Competition Overview

The competition in the Logistics space in KSA can be separated on the basis of dissimilar service segments involving Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics (Warehousing), and Express Delivery.

The Domestic and International players such as Bahri Logistics, Kanoo Terminal, Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker, DHL, Agility were acknowledged to be dominant when it comes to Air Freight and Sea Freight, as they are accompanying with some big Groups/Conglomerates or have a sturdy brand name in the Global Market for their quality services.  The Local Domestic Transporters register the Road freight Market on the basis of the form of fleets, number of trucks, Prices, delivery durations, and many more While the International Express market across KSA is concentrated among the foremost worldwide players such as DHL, FedEx, and more, the Domestic Express market is more scrappy but is strongly registered by NAQEL express, SMSA Express, Saudi Post, ESNAD express, and more around Saudi Arabia logistics Market.

Future Growth

The logistics segment in KSA is predicted to grow in the future with a dip during 2020 owing to lockdown for few days that disrupted the Imports and Export Movements by all Modes which is predicted to revive back during 2021. Logistics Companies are increasing and updating fresh technologies such as RFID tags, WMS, Fleet Management Softwares, Blockchain, and ASRS at nominal prices to win their clients by delivering quality services and enhancing customer experience and improve the service quality. The pharma logistics sector and the e-commerce logistics segment are predicted to drive growth in the future, given the expected increase in medical products requirements post COVID-19 and the increasing penetration of e-commerce around the country.

Key Target Audience: –

3PL Logistics Companies

Integrated Logistics Companies

E-Commerce Companies

Oil & Gas Companies

Retail Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Logistics/Supply Chain Industry Associations

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical: 2015 to 2019

Future: 2019 to 2025

Companies Mentioned:

Bahri logistics

Saudi Post

NAQEL Express

Kuehne Nagel

Almajdouie logistics

DHL Express

Fedex Express

Al Ayed Transport

SMSA Express

Tamer logistics

BAFCO shipping and Logistics

DB Schenker


JAS Worldwide

Kanoo Terminal Services

LSC warehousing and logistics

Hala Supply Chain

Namma Cargo

Wared logistics

Al Rashed transport


Kerry logistics

Mubarrad transport

Hellman logistics

OCSCL Shipping and Logistics

Al karsf

SMT logistics

Saudi Lana logistics

Fourwinds logistics


NTF cargo

Alpha Cargo


Platinum Shipping and Logistics

Key Topics Covered in the Report: –

Saudi Arabia logistics Market size by Revenues

Saudi Arabia logistics Market Segmentation By type of Service (Freight Forwarding, warehousing, Courier, Express and parcel Market and Value added services) By Revenues

Market Segmentation by Modes of Freight (Including Domestic and International Cargo travelled for each Mode of freight, FTK travelled, Price per ton per kilometre)

Market size of Warehousing (Revenue, Total warehousing Space Average Occupancy, Revenues, Average Price per sqm per Month)

Warehousing Space by Type of Entity (Real estate companies, Logistics Companies, Captive Companies)

Warehousing Space by Type of Warehouses (Industrial/ Retail, Agricultural, Cold Storages, ICD/CFS)

Courier, Express and Parcel Market (Domestic/ International Revenues, Average Price per Domestic and International Shipments, Total Domestic/ International Shipments)

E commerce logistics Market size in Saudi Arabia

Top Companies dealing in each Service and Sub Service (Land freight, Sea freight, Air freight By Volume, warehousing companies by warehousing Space, Express companies by International/ Domestic Revenues)

Top Companies by revenues dealing in each Vertical (E commerce, Retail, Oil and Gas and Pharma logistics)

Market Share of Logistics Companies in KSA by Service Mix and By Each Industry Verticals

Competition Analysis of Major Logistics Players in KSA by Revenues

Competition Analysis of Major Logistics Players in KSA ( including Volume, Average warehousing Space, Fleets, Average Occupancy rate,  Network, Client Retention, Industries catered, Services offered, Technology, Certifications, Strength)

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