Furniture for Kids Room

Kids room is point of core memory and happy times. Childhood was a period filled with fun times, bright colours, playful times and oh so many memories filled with love and laughter. Having such beautiful memories of our childhood, we want to provide our kids with the same. This often begins at home from their rooms creating special corners and highlights for your kid to remember his/her young days by.

Choose bright, happy colours and prints from our wide variety of vinyl wraps to create a more vibrant aura for the kids room. Create cosy corners using rugs and small study tables for them to read their little books. While selecting furniture for your little one, keep the following in mind:

  • Go for folding furniture so they can be folded and kept away to double up the room as their play pen. They might not always want play safe and can cause harm if the child is running around un supervised. Hence, folding furniture is easy to fold and keep away from children.
  • â—Ź       Select softer surfaces for the sensitive skin and avoid irritation. Try going for matt surfaces rather than textured ones for the furniture. You can either go for vinyl wraps or lamination, however, we suggest vinyl wraps as they affordable and almost zero messy.
  • Choose linen with higher cotton count in them to avoid allergies and skin irritations. Cotton sheets are more gentle on the skin and feel super great.

Renovating or creating a new space for your child can be a challenging process considering the extreme health hazards renovation creates. We highly recommend vinyl wrapping your kids room with beautiful, bright, fun colours and prints. Vinyl wrapping sheets are an affordable, child friendly and toxin free job that gets done in short period of time. You can vinyl wrap your child’s toy crate, cot frame, Bookshelves, cabinets, walls and even flooring. These sheets come in a variety of prints and textures to choose from based on your preferences. A kids room is a sacred space from where they begin their learning and create core memories. Hence, creating a beautiful, safe and toxin free room is vital for them. Home renovations can pose as a threat to your child with small nails fallen on the floor to fine dust which is inhaled by them to the toxins from the paint and glue used in finishing the renovation.

We at Touchstone Wrap provide vinyl wrapping services for all surfaces in your kids room. Cot frames, toy carts and walls are something we have talked about oh so often by now. What is something new to that list are study tables, bookshelves and have we mentioned flooring? Applying vinyl wraps to your flooring makes it anti-skid and super safe for your toddlers to run wild and explore themselves.

Vinyl wrapping the walls can give your child space to create their artworks without you worrying about how those marks will be cleaned because vinyl wraps are easy to clean and absolute zero maintenance. Your child can pour their inner artist out on the walls and if you wish to clean the walls out, just wipe them with a dry cloth.

Vinyl wrapping your kids room is safest and most pocket friendly option to go for when doing up your home. In addition to kids room, you can also do kitchen wraps for an affordable kitchen makeover.

Adnan Sarpal

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