Furnished Apartments for Rent in Luxembourg – Renting Guide

Did you know that 47% of Luxembourg’s entire population are foreigners? They are from around 170 countries living a comfortable and happy life in this European country. These ex-pats are either renting an apartment or have bought their own house. For those who will be staying in the country for several months, the best option is to look for furnished apartments for rent in Luxembourg.

Renting is also the best option for ex-pats if they have plans to move to Luxembourg permanently. Buying a property in the country may require you a lot of things. So, while completing the legal documents needed, you should rent a furnished apartment for the meantime.

What is a Furnished and Unfurnished Apartment?

The apartment is a popular type of accommodation in Luxembourg, and you can choose from furnished or unfurnished. A furnished apartment comes with furniture and is usually leased within a few months. The unfurnished apartment, on the other hand, does not have any furniture on it. Most of the time, the unfurnished apartments are equipped with kitchen furniture. You can look for an apartment in real estate agencies as well as in local newspapers.

What is Included in the Rental Contract?

Once you are decided which property to rent, you will need to sign a rental contract. If you are not well-versed with their language, you need an interpreter to translate the contract for you. The contract will indicate how long you will be staying on the apartment, the amount of rental for the agreed period, your name, the owner’s name, and terms and conditions on the furniture if you are renting a furnished apartment.

If you are a foreigner, you must present your passport or other proof of identification, proof of income, or source of funds for students. If you are renting because of work, you must show proof of permission to work in Luxembourg, recent payslips, employment contracts, and other proofs. Ensure that you have these documents with you so you can easily get the apartment you want.

Ensure that your rental contract states the terms of tenancy clearly, the rental costs, the due date of the rent, and other expenses like shared costs. The agreement should include the termination of the contract, just in case. You should get a copy of the certificate of the rented accommodation. Both the renter and the landlord should have a copy of the agreement.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, ex-pats would add a clause on the rental contract that will enable them to terminate the agreement if they have decided to move out. However, you need to advise your landlord three months before your departure. The three-month notice is stated in the law. In case the tenants need to leave earlier, they need to pay the rental for three months. However, if you can find a tenant that will rent the apartment upon your exit, then the three-month rental is waived.

For unfurnished apartments, the longest period stated on the contract that you can stay in the apartment is three years. If you want to renew, it will be done every year. Apartment owners are open to negotiations so that you can make some arrangements with them.