FunPinPin Course: How to Gain Brand Premium? A Billion-Dollar Question

Here is another course about marketing. It is hosted by FunPinPin, an experienced e-commerce builder who can also provide marketing suggestions. The topic in this course is how to gain brand premiums, a question that lures many of you to come.

To develop a profitable brand, first and foremost, you should build up your brand image. It is the foundation that allows a brand to develop healthfully and enables it to compete in the market, bringing the brand premium. If you are interested in building up brand image, then keep reading.

Why DTC Brands Need to Build Up Their Brand Images

Many brands like to pursue short-term benefits, thus, ignoring the importance of building brand images and creating malnourished brands. Here are the reasons why the brand image is important for a brand.

1. Cutthroat Competition in the E-Commerce Industry

Recent years have witnessed an evolving e-commerce industry. The advanced logistics and the pandemic have boosted the industry, alluring many brands. Therefore, newcomers face growing pressure. In this way, brands should foster their own brand image to gain their footing in this industry.

2. Low Entry Barrier

The low entry barrier allows some ill-disposed companies to create brands targeting the instant benefit. When their shoddy products pour into the market, it will lead to a situation where bad money drives out good money. But with a sound brand image, customers will tell the brand’s authenticity and can benefit the brand in years to come. 

3. Floods of Ads

Ads, seas of ads are the by-products of this rapidly developing Internet, adding difficulties for brands to gain attention from customers. So how can a brand win out from this crowd? An attractive and healthy brand image will help.

How to Respond to Those Situations

Since e-commerce has gone through a long journey, there are some commonly recognized resolutions for the problems ahead. 

1. Create the Politically Correct Brand Image

Do not run against the trend (brands born to be special are not included). Adding some value to your products makes the customers feel that they have contributed to something valuable. Besides, the value can act as a trigger to constant the exposure of your brand. 

Take 4Ocean as an example. It is an American DTC brand providing bracelets made from recycled materials, which are sought after. Although the price for the bracelet is high, about $20 each, customers are willing to pay for it.

As we can see, 4Ocean manages to link its brand with environmental protection, fostering an environmentally friendly image. So what can they bring to the brand? High brand premium.

2. Telling the Touching Story of The Brand with Visual Storytelling Cues.

Compared to the cold and boring product introduction, people prefer interesting stories. From luxurious brands like Chanel to fast-food giants like Burger King, almost all the brands that enjoy household names have a story of the brand. From which we can tell the story is the fertilizer of your brand, which can also be the permanent marketing materials.

When with visual storytelling cues, the story can be comprehended easily. Here you can learn from 4Ocean, too. On its website, they post comparing pictures of the oceans, telling their customers what they have done is beneficial to the ocean, which will connect customers with the outcome of their purchasing behavior.

3. Select KOLs Cautiously

KOL marketing is sought after. Before finalizing the KOL, brands should consider it cautiously. The quality of the KOL should fit the general style of the whole brand, or it will generate ambivalence in the customers. Besides, KOL should care about their words and behavior to avoid trapping companies in noisy disputes.

Cases of a failing KOL are conspicuous online, even the leading brands will choose the wrong person, and the cost is huge even for the experienced. And for the emerging DTC brands, the effect will be destructive.


Lucrative brand premium is tempted, but the value created by the tangible products is limited. So why not give your brands intangible value since some customers will pay for their spiritual quest. In this aspect, building the brand image is of importance. And what can be the suitable platform for brands to show the image? Your e-commerce platform.

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