Fun Facts About Heritage Gravemarkers in Melbourne

The history of Melbourne is rich in culture and heritage. One way to show your reverence for the past is by purchasing a gravemarker from Heritage Gravemarkers in Melbourne. These markers have been around since 1856, providing you with an opportunity to commemorate loved ones while showing respect for tradition.

Here are some fun facts about Heritage Gravemarkers in Melbourne:

  • The founder of these markers was Alfred Roberts

  • They offer 15 different styles of headstones

  • Over 300 employees are working at the company

  • They provide free delivery to anywhere in the Melbourne region

  • There are over 250,000 graves marked with Heritage Gravemarkers

Let’s continue by talking about some of the different styles available:

  1. Classic markers (with a variety of shapes) offer an elegant alternative that can still include family names or quotes from loved ones on them. These grave markers typically feature large letters carved into stone. This style is often used when families want all of their headstones facing outwards to be seen more easily. The downside? It costs more than other styles because it features premium materials.

  1. The flat markers feature a rectangular stone that’s engraved on both sides. These are popular because they’re affordable, but their downside is that it can be difficult to read the writing from some angles. So instead of using large letters and symbols in these styles, we often use smaller fonts or symbols so they’ll show up better on the marker.

  1. Corners cut into gravemarkers provide an original way to create personalized headstones without having too many words carved onto them. We specialize in providing this style for families who want something different than what everybody else has! In addition, our corners make our markers easier to spot amid all of the other graves at cemeteries.

  1. You can also purchase a headstone for an urn. These markers typically include the name of the person contained in them and feature flowers or figurines on them.

  1. If you want to commemorate someone who’s not buried in Melbourne but lives there? Consider purchasing a marker instead that associates with their favorite place! For example, if they love fishing at the lakeside, then we’ll provide marble gravemarkers surrounded by lilies so that people will know where they’re being remembered.

  1. The cremation markers are another popular option to commemorate loved ones. These can be purchased in marble, granite, or bronze and feature the person’s name on them and date of birth/death where applicable.

  1. The most affordable gravemarkers are the flat markers. These typically cost between $350 and $400.

  1. Finally, a custom marker is also available. These markers are the perfect choice if you want to make your headstone reflect how special and unique someone was in life by including their name or favorite quote on it.

And if you want some more information about these types of grave monuments before making your purchase? We’re happy to provide free consultations with any family that wants one!