Full Guide: How To Pick the Best Lock Pick Set

Lock Picking is “the art of opening a lock by manipulating the components of the locking device without the original key.” Entering the world of locksmithing, the large number of products on the market will present a challenge to you. 

This guide will take you to everything you need to know when shopping for the best set of lock picking.

What are Lock Picks?

Lock picks are pins that allow you to manipulate the components of a lock even without an original key. Some people take it as a hobby to help those who are locked out of their houses. With the best lock picking tools, the process should not take more than a few minutes.

Types of Lock Pick Sets

There are mainly two types of lock pick sets, you should purchase lock pick kits based on your needs and experience.

  1. Professional kit: locksmiths must purchase a professional kit; This is a set of all screws that are required to select all types of locks.
  1. Beginner’s Kit: If you are just starting out, you can consider a simple beginner’s kit.

1. Rakes

Rakes are designed with blades. They are perfect kits and probably the best lock picking kits for beginners. They are used by turning them inside the keyhole. In some cases, the cannons may not pass through the keyhole, but there are different sizes.

2. Hook

This is a pickaxe with a curved tip. The size and shape of the hook will determine the number of uses you can put it in.

You can use it to randomly choose a lock without considering which pin you are using. This is a typical choice.

3. Half Diamond

This one is designed with a triangular tip. It’s another adaptable pick that can be used on a variety of locks. It is offered in three sizes that vary by manufacturer. Half of the standard diamonds can be used as trees. The small half diamond is the most commonly used. When you need a small half diamond, you can save the big one down. The tapered edge of the semi-diamond droppers allows you to move the rivets into a lock when sufficient tension is applied.

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How To Use a Lock Pick Set?

There are different picking techniques depending on the type of lock. Specific techniques and shovels will be used to select specific locks. Pin cups need a tension wrench to apply tension to the cylinder. The easiest way is to push pins to make sure they are lined up well.

As each pin is pushed in, the cylinder rotates to hold the pins in place. After the pins are aligned, tension can be applied to unlock the lock.

Cheap locks can be opened with lock pickup kits for beginners. All you have to do is push a piece of metal between the body and the cuffs.