Full Guide: Best Free Cloud Backup Solution

Your life is increasingly dependent on a wide variety of data. They help you keep track of important information, pictures, matters, knowledge, and more. When your data is saved only on your computer locally, you should feel uneasy about the risk of data loss.

As a result, cloud backup becomes the most useful and common solution for you to protect your data. Are you looking for an easy and efficient cloud backup solution? Read on, and you can get a satisfying answer in the following part.

Importance of Cloud Backup

Before getting to find an easy-to-use cloud backup solution, let’s talk about the importance of cloud backup. If you create a cloud backup for your files, photos, videos, programs, systems, and more, they will be much safer and you can get much benefits and convenience as follow:

  • Free up lots of local storage: Cloud backup solution will help you to free up storage space on your computer locally.
  • Keep data away from local disasters: Your data in the cloud will be safe when local disaster like earthquake, fire, etc. happens.
  • Protect data in computer failures: With cloud backup, it is impossible for your data to lose in virus attacks, system crashes, human errors, and so on.
  • Convenient to access data: You can access your data on any device without carrying traditional storage device everywhere.
  • Scalable backup space: There are different subscription plans providing different storage space in cloud backup software and you can choose the suitable one even unlimited online backup space according to your need
  • Able to recover lost data: After creating cloud backup, you can get your lost and deleted files back with ease.

Best Free Cloud Backup Solution – CBackup

To choose a good cloud backup solution, there are some factors you need to consider: functions, pricing, security, supporting systems, backup speed, and so on. After comparing with many cloud backup solutions in the market, we find the best free cloud backup solution for you – CBackup.

CBackup is a professional and easy cloud backup software, which has stable and comprehensive backup and sync features. There are many cloud drives to choose in the market and CBackup supports you to create cloud backup tasks to all of them. You can backup files to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. At the some time, CBackup also provides a CBackup Cloud and you can use it as a backup destination.

In such a professional cloud backup solution, you can try many effective features for free:

  • Backup PC to public cloud: Backup any type of data from your computer to public cloud drives without switching to different platforms.
  • Backup PC to CBackup Cloud: Backup data to CBackup Cloud with 10GB free backup space.
  • Combine cloud storage: Merge different cloud drive accounts from the same cloud drive or different cloud drives into a combined cloud with larger backup space.
  • Sync PC to public cloud: Sync is also supported in CBackup and you can sync files from PC to public cloud directly.
  • Cloud to cloud backup/sync: This feature can satisfy your need to transfer or backup files between two cloud drives on one interface.

In addition, as a reliable cloud backup solution, CBackup has main shining points:

  • High security: CBackup uses OAuth authorization system, 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data in the cloud.
  • Advanced settings options: You can choose to enable Scheduler, File Filter, Email Notification to make your backup and sync much easier and more user-friendly.

Detailed Guide to Create a Cloud Backup

Here is a detailed guide to use CBackup as a cloud backup solution. Take Google Drive as an example, but you can backup data to other cloud drive as well.

1. After downloading and installing the CBackup desktop client on your PC, create a new account, and then run the client to log into it.

2. Choose My Storage > Add Clouds. And select Google Drive in the next pop-up window. Give CBackup authorization to your Google Drive account.


3. Click on Backup, and select Backup PC to Public Cloud.

create-task (1)

4. Choose any type of data on your PC as the backup source, and choose the Google Drive account you just added as the backup destination.


5. In the end, click the Start Backup button to create a cloud backup to Google Drive via CBackup without any effort.

start-backup (1)

Written in the End

Reading here, you have know the best backup software and how to use it to create a cloud backup task. For more feature, you can download and install it to try them for free. With help of CBackup, cloud backup can be an easy thing in your life.