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For sheer relaxation and a pleasant sense of well-being, furnish each area with your particular selection of home textiles. The idea is for each room, from the bedroom to the bathroom, to entice you to stay and put you in a good mood. Colors, shapes, and textures are used to improve the interior and make your home feel more welcoming. Shop Now on Lidl

Make your bedroom unique

Pillows, for example, ensure a good night’s sleep and thereby safeguard your health. They’re included in the standard set of tools. Seasonal bedding also helps you rest by regulating your body’s temperature. 

The bed mysteriously pulls you towards you in the evening with lovely themes and designs on duvets and throw pillows – a crucial aspect in falling asleep fast and staying asleep. Curtains are also necessary to keep the sunlight out.

And your living room too

Is it possible to have a movie night without warm blankets and pillows? Unthinkable! These home textiles not only make you want to cuddle, but they also add a personal touch to otherwise bland upholstered furniture. The curtains keep prying eyes out while allowing light into the living room. As a result, you can feel at ease at any time of day. You can also offer your feet a sense of well-being by using a carpet.

What about the kitchen?

Home textiles in the kitchen are largely used for utilitarian purposes. Tablecloths protect against crumbs and stains, while tea towels aid with housework. 

However, even with these kitchen textiles, your personal preference might reign supreme: do you prefer country-rustic or stylish and modern? And the more you enjoy using your tea towels, more the inclined you will be to clean the kitchen and dry them. Make sure the fibers are, nevertheless, easy to clean.

Protect yourself with a good bathroom

March of the water! Home textiles are the best protection against sliding and cold feet in the bathroom. Textiles in the bathroom, such as bath mats and bath rugs, give a standard bathroom a friendly appearance. Shower curtains provide seclusion, and loud shower units eliminate the need to worry about the water jet. After a shower, soft towels provide a pleasant feeling on the skin.

What are the best materials for homewares?

Velvet, silk, and the most luxurious wool? Home textiles, from pillows to tablecloths, should be more practical and utilitarian, despite the noble and lovely appearance of these materials. After all, they’re always in use, have to conduct household duties, or have specific sleep-inducing abilities.

Fit linens and bed sheets

Cotton bedding is the greatest option for a comfortable night’s sleep. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, ranging from jerseys to terry cloth, and tailor your outfit to the season. If you are allergic to house dust or other similar substances, allergy bed linen is recommended, as nothing can get stuck in it. When it comes to fitted sheets, you want to look for a dash of synthetic fibers for the best fit.

Duvets with wool 

Down duvets and duvets are the ultimate in sleeping luxury. This filling is unmatched, especially in the cold. The airy natural fiber cover ensures that moisture is wicked away, allowing you a restful night’s sleep.

Stay private with curtains

Drapes and curtains constructed of a variety of materials can create a play of light, shadow, and seclusion. Synthetic fibers are the greatest option since they are long-lasting, fade-resistant, and can be made into blackout curtains with precision. Bright colors on household textiles are also guaranteed with synthetic fibers.


There are tea towels that are ideal for various types of dishes. Cotton is a low-cost all-arounder, but microfiber is gaining popularity. Because this material for high-tech home textiles absorbs dirt or rinsing residues all at once, is inherently antimicrobial, and is exceptionally easy to wash.

Cleaning and caring for textiles in the house

All household textiles have specific washing directions, which are not merely suggestions. You can get the functionality of the fibers and, for example, ensure that bed linen feels good on the skin if you follow the symbols and information on the washing temperature and drying time. Most importantly, regular washing ensures that your home is clean!

What exactly are textiles for the home?

House textiles, such as bed linen and curtains for the bedroom, tablecloths for the kitchen and dinner, and blankets for the couch, add a warm and personal touch to your home. They’re also important domestic helpers. 

Tea towels dry dishes, shower curtains keep bathrooms dry, bed linens keep mattresses clean, and toppers make sleeping more comfortable. Throws and slipcovers are ideal if dust and dirt should not give us a chance on upholstered furniture.

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