Fruit and Vegetable Wash: The Safer, Better Way to Clean Produce

Vegetable and fruit wash is basically hand soap for your produce! Veggie Wash by Ecolyte is a safe, natural way to clean the dirtiest of fruits and vegetables. Veggie Wash can be used on all food types including leafy greens, berries, herbs, mushrooms, citrus fruits and more. Veggie Wash contains no harsh chemicals or additives that may damage delicate plant tissue. It’s also free from phosphates which make some soaps toxic to fish and other aquatic life. Veggies are risky enough without risking our health too!

Fruit and vegetable wash is handy for everyday use because you don’t know how clean your produce will really be. While much of the produce at grocery stores is rinsed, it’s unlikely that these foods are thoroughly washed. For this reason, if there’s bacteria like E. coli or Salmonella on your food and you intend to eat them raw, they could make you sick with food poisoning. Veggie Wash by Ecolyte is not only a safe, natural way to clean your produce; it’s also a great way to keep our hands and kitchen surfaces free of all the dirt that has accumulated on raw vegetables. Veggie wash is available in four scents: Unscented, Lavender, Orange Blossom & Lime Breeze!

Veggies are risky enough without risking your health too with Veggie Wash by Ecolyte. Veggie wash can be used everywhere you would use hand soap including cutting boards, countertops and sponges among other things – so this should make everyone more comfortable about cooking while pregnant or having young children around who want to help out in the kitchen! This product will save you money because there is no need for harsh chemicals or expensive store-bought cleaners. Veggie Wash is made from all-natural ingredients including coconut and palm oils, distilled water, plant extracts and essential oils that contain antibacterial properties to kill 99% of bacteria on your produce!

Produce with exposed edible skin is coated in wax to preserve or extend its expected shelf life. This includes not only most fruits and vegetables, but also leafy greens like lettuce too. If you’re planning on eating your produce raw, this could lead to food-borne illnesses caused by E. coli or salmonella that’s already crawling on it before purchase. Vegetable wash removes these bacteria as well as grit and grime that rinsing alone cannot remove.

Written by Ecolyte+ Team