Frugal Green Home Upgrades

The greener home is, the better off its inhabitants will be. Fortunately, there many cost-affordable eco-upgrades.

With COVID-19 plunging the economy into a downturn and causing unemployment rates to skyrocket, people across the globe are looking for ways to upgrade their self-quarantines as opposed to buying a new home. Making a home greener makes it more sustainable and it increases its value, both to its current and future inhabitants. Fortunately, you can have a budget-friendly eco-home.


  1. Benefits of Green Home Upgrades

Green upgrades make a big difference to your everyday life, monthly expenses as well as your physical, mental and financial health.


Increased comfort

Making your home more energy-efficient equates to you being more comfortable in it. If your house is well insulated, you will be warm during winter and cool during hot summer days. As they are more ‘tight’, air leakage is reduced and the house is more thermally comfortable. Eco-houses are made to reduce noise from the exterior, use natural lighting and provide better views.


Lowered utility bills

Green home upgrades can make your home more efficient which will help you cut your Duke Energy utility bill. These upgrades help you reduce your usage of electricity, water, and gas as they consume less energy without compromising on performance.


Increased property value

Green is really in right now: a recent study found that homebuyers are willing to pay 3.46% more for a home with green features than for a non-eco-friendly home.


Improved health

Green homes have exceptional indoor air quality and we all know what poor air quality does to our health.



Just like a LED light bulb lasts 25x more than its non-eco-friendly alternative, the incandescent bulb, green homes are built to be much more durable and longer-lasting than traditional ones. Any green upgrade will help your house last longer.


2. Budget-Friendly Green Home Upgrades

Although some costs might be high at the beginning due to their purchase price and installation, green upgrades pay off themselves through the savings and benefits they provide over the long-haul. However, there are also many budget-friendly options for inexpensive sustainability upgrades.


Sustainable doors and windows

Energy-Star certified exterior door or sustainable garage door can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency and their ROI is as high as 77.8%. If you cannot afford a replacement, insulate your attic yourself with simple in-wool insulation, repair cracks around window panes with a one-inch putty knife and some glazing material. You can also spray foam around exterior windows and door trim and if gaps are small, you can even use caulk. Speaking of caulk, use it to seal cracks around interior windows.


Non-toxic carpet

Not all carpets are the same and many contain chemicals that are toxic both for the environment and for you as breathing them in can cause dizziness and nausea. Look for eco-friendly non-toxic carpets with the label “low VOC” that are made from natural fibers like wool. They might be more expensive but getting a new carpet is much cheaper than redoing your floors while also saving you energy as they are a great way to keep warmth in the house.


Eco curb-appeal

Curb-appeal is the least expensive way to increase your house’s selling price. You can have an eco-friendly lawn and plant native plants that have good odds of succeeding while also using less water as they are already adjusted to the climate. Moreover, if you put them in a shallow, bowl-shaped garden designed to collect the runoff water from your lawn, driveway, gutter, and sidewalk, they will reduce both water waste and soil erosion. The magic of curb-appeal is that it makes your whole house look even more beautiful.



A lot of people mistakenly believe that green remodeling will cost them a fortune, but the above examples show that this does not have to be the case. If you consider that you get to save energy and reduce your utility bill, improve your health by breathing quality indoor air quality with excellent ventilation that reduces respiratory and immune system issues, enjoy more daylight and better views all within the four walls of your own home, it’s no wonder that green homeowners brag about being happier. To sum up, green home updates will benefit your wallet and your overall life quality.