Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine

If you are looking for a washing machine, you must have faced the confusion between top load and front load. Almost everyone passes through this phase of confusion before finalizing a washing machine for their needs. But, not anymore! Here are the key differences between a front load and top load washing machine which will let you decide your preference at ease.

  • Water usage: – If you want to save water yet get efficient washing performance, front load ones are surely for you. You can save a lot of water by choosing front load washing machines over top load ones.
  • Spin speed: – Practically, front load washing machines are 33% faster than the top load ones. Thus, front load machines can remove more water from clothes before you get them to the dryer.
  • Efficiency: – Front-load washing machines are gentler on the clothes. The drum not only uses the power of the motor but also uses gravity with two drums. These front-loading washing machines are energy efficient and can provide better wash to any kind of clothes.
  • Installation: – Top load washing machines have a bigger footprint compared to front-loading ones. Besides, you can easily stack the machine with a dryer and still have some space in your laundry room.
  • Faster performance: – Front-load washing machines can wash your clothes quicker than the top load ones. If you are someone often acquired with a hectic working schedule, you must go for a front load washing machine. It can save you a lot of time and save water and electricity as well.

If you need any of those applications from your washing machine, you should go for the front-loading model. But, this doesn’t mean that top-loading washing machines are incapable. Top-loading models lead to preventing mold issues, have larger capacity and ease of use, etc.