From struggle to success: how Leonard Nostra Denis used his “Thoughts” for success

Leonard Denis, a philanthropist in Philly, is well-known for the selfless deeds that he performs daily to improve the lives of the people who live there. However, he is a real-life example of the difficulties that a minority teen might encounter simply because he is black! When he was a child, the options were  “Your mom will either save up money for you to go to Princeton or  bailing you out of prison .” He couldn’t comprehend why such a thing could have been spoken to him at the time, but he eventually realized the reality! According to the New York Times, 1.5 million black males in their prime are “lost” from society now in America because they are either in jail or working as laborers. Individual decisions and a game with extremely high stakes rigged against them from the beginning brought them there.

Leonard Denis saw one of Zig Ziglar’s motivational videos on YouTube one day, and it altered his life forever. He has always been different since. He decided to develop a non-profit company named New Beginning Foundation Inc., where he took inner-city youngsters and provided them hope to start again. Growing up in a problematic Philadelphia area exposed him to the dangers of drugs and violence. In refusing to get drawn into efforts that may be destructive to him and his aspirations, he promised himself that he would do his best to make the world a better place for children and youth.

Thinking about building an organization is only the beginning. It is a significant deal to implement the notion in real life, implement the appropriate actions, and make a difference in the world! His ambition was to grow youth to confront the obstacles of adolescence and attain his full potential. They support this growth via self-empowerment and literacy to bring liberty to everyone.

During this journey, he had many challenges, but the most terrible moments occurred while constructing the New Beginning foundation when he lost many of his loved ones. He used to draw strength from his close family members, but after he lost his grandfather in cancer, he was emotionally depleted. But none of these obstacles stopped him from carrying out his charitable activities. He continued to work for the organization and has significantly improved the situation in the city of brotherly love. He feels everyone should be themselves and strive to deliver the best to society. Hopefully, the World will be a much better place tomorrow, and Leonard will smile seeing that his thoughts have now become a reality! Let’s hope for a much enhanced and equalized tomorrow together.

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