From Nursing Assistant to Bodybuilder – The Story of Brandon Reynolds

As we evolve as a society, people are becoming more fitness conscious and dedicating a good amount of their routine to taking care and paying attention to their body. And to do the same effectively, we need a dedicated lifestyle and a good mentor. Brandon Reynolds is one such name in the world of fitness that people are looking up to. He is an active influencer on Instagram, where his updates on fitness and body building has earned him more than 300,000 followers. But it is not just his muscular physique and a fit body that has fetched him his fan following, but his journey from scratch to what he is today. Anyone who is into this sport should consider taking best multivitamin for bodybuilding along with their diet to be on track with their nutrition.

Brandon Reynolds was not a born fitness expert, nor was body building ever on his mind. It started when he suddenly lost his father when he was a young boy of 18. His father’s death led to him being severely depressed.

While battling depression, he enrolled himself with the Kankakee Community College and earned a certification in Nursing. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, he landed a job with the St. Mary’s Hospital and then at the Veteran’s Home. He struggled through this job while also dealing with his own depression for almost five years. Around this time, he started getting interested in fitness and began his own journey with exercise. He found that by dedicating himself to body building and focusing on overall fitness, he was able to deal with depression better.

Brandon resorted to developing his physique. He spent hours in the gym and doing everything he could to revamp himself physically. This in turn helped improve both his mental and physical health. He also participated in a body building show. During this time he started his Instagram account as a way to mark his progress. Soon enough, his updates gained traction from fitness enthusiasts, aspiring body builders, and other professionals in the business.

Gradually, he started his online fitness training sessions where his fans could subscribe to his page and learn about body building. Brandon also owns and operates a fitness supplement brand called Limitless Supps, which has been running successfully for the last two years.

From being a nursing assistant to becoming a bodybuilding expert and a social influencer, Brandon Reynolds has evolved as a name to reckon with.


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