From Creating His Own YouTube Videos To Filming Coachella: The Life Of Chris Yangello

Here Is A Peek Into The Life Of Chris Yangello

The world of entertainment is a very bustling business. Everyday new artists try creating content which speaks to a larger audience. Amidst the ever-growing competition, there is always a demand for better performers. Nowadays, young talented people are in high demand to create fresh and unique content. 16-year old Chris Yangello is one young content creator who is now setting new standards in video content creation. Chris works for Sony Music Entertainment and is on a new rise.

Chris defines himself through his content. To date he has worked for big labels and has created content for music videos, shows, events and more, under the REDMusic Label of Sony. For quite some time, Chris has been creating content. During his school days when most of his friends were busy studying, Chris pursued his passion and relied on his talents. He has been looking after his passion as he is also completing his junior year at the Devon Preparatory School.

Chris has had a love for being in front of the camera at an early age. He loves to be creative and always has new ideas to support his work. Not only for music videos and recording labels, but Chris also makes videos for his personal growth. He is a believer that whether it is about creating content for himself or for his clients, quality and uniqueness is important. That is what pleases the audience! He believes that people only enjoy the videos when they are valuable to them. Chris has dedicated himself to creating quality content.

Over the past few years, Chris has created videos for musicians like Lil Skies, Cash Cash, Jake Miller, Logan Henderson, Lovely The Band, 6lack, Lost Boy Crow, and other similar artists. He has also remained very actively involved in the live music scene. He’s created high-quality video content for concerts, music festivals and big events. Some of his work includes creating content for Made in America Music Festival, Coachella and Firefly.

Chris has a great social media following, with 145K followers on Instagram. He updates his fans on a regular basis about his work and activities. Chris has always followed his passion and his story is truly an inspiring one.

While content space is getting exhausting with new age content creators, Chris Yangello only presents the best of his talents to his audience whether it is about creating music videos or doing his own YouTube channel.


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