Frequently Asked Questions on CBD and Hemp Oil for Pets

For pet parents seeking the perfect state of health for your pet, you must have come across the words CBD and hemp oil.

For the last few years, pharmaceutical discoveries have changed the way the cannabis plant is perceived. In fact, there are new policies to accommodate the sale, purchase, and use of these products in many parts of the nation.

Although it is still termed an experimental drug by the FDA, the positive reviews from many users say a lot.

In this article, answers to some frequently asked questions about both CBD and hemp oil will be given. So, if you have any unanswered questions, do read on as we may just have addressed them here.

Hemp and CBD Oil – Comparing and Contrasting

At some point, you probably used the terms “CBD oil” and “hemp oil” interchangeably. Maybe you still do.

Well, for many of us, we have at some point. 

Just so we are clear. Hemp and CBD oil do not mean the same thing. This is not to say there are no similarities shared by both cannabis extracts.

While we will be looking at the basic differences, you can get a more detailed explanation here.

One of the similarities between the two is the source of both medicinal extracts. They are both gotten from the cannabis plant but from different parts of it. Let’s start with CBD.

This cannabidiol is found in many parts of the hemp plant, although in varying proportions. Areas such as the stalk, leaves, and flowers contain this chemical compound.

Of all the plant parts that have the CBD compound, the flower is the most explored.

Why is this?

This is for no other reason than the huge concentration of CBD present there. Compared to parts such as the leaves, stem, and stalk, the flower has an enormous amount of this cannabidiol.

On the contrary, what is popularly known as hemp oil is gotten from the plant’s seed. This is unlike CBD that is found in many parts. It is for this reason that hemp oil can also be referred to as hemp seed oil, given the area it is extracted from.

When Should You Consider Using Any of them?

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For as many that have mistaken CBD to also mean hemp oil, this is understandable. Apart from being gotten from the same plant source, they share lots of medicinal benefits.

For instance, they are great for dealing with psychological complications. Issues such as separation anxiety can be effectively resolved using either.

However, given the difference in chemical compounds in them, one will be better at dealing with some problems than the other.

Let’s quickly look at areas in which each excels.

Well, if the complication is majorly about malnourishment and eating disorder, hemp oil comes out the winner.

For example, it is one of the greatest ways to supply your dog with the needed omega acid. Given the importance of this nutrient, you’ll guarantee your pet a good skin, great appetite, among other benefits. 

For more on the benefits of omega fatty acid, you can visit:

On the other hand, CBD is thought to be great when dealing with some major complications. Conditions such as seizures, pain, and inflammations might just be resolved better with CBD oil.

Can Your Pet Get High on These Drugs?

Considering that both are extracted from the cannabis plant, many people assume the drug will do this to their pet.

Well, this is not true, and you will know why now.

The cannabis plant contains a lot of different components. These properties come with their peculiarities.

One of the most researched and explored cannabidiol is CBD and THC. The latter is responsible for the “high” effect that is associated with the plant.

Manufacturers of both products do a lot, ensuring that the final product has little or no amount of THC.

As a result, the possibility of having a pet with psychoactive tendencies shouldn’t bother you. The ideal product has got you covered.

Also, there are administrative regulations on the amount of THC that should be present in a drug. The legal benchmark is 0.3 percent. Anything above this is legally prohibited in many parts.

Are They Safe for my Pet?

This is one of the fears of using very potent drugs. An example is with phenobarbital. Although highly effective, the side effects can be not-too-friendly.

However, hemp and CBD oil are better off in this regard. They come with little or no side effects. If you are very bent on using 100 percent organic drugs for your pet, they offer this advantage.

This is not to say there are no mild side effects. For example, conditions such as drowsiness can set in. Generally, dealing with the side effects only requires readjusting the dosage.

On a Final Note

Given the huge publicity by manufacturers of both products, there are questions in the minds of users and potential users.

If they must administer CBD or hemp oil on their pets, quality and reliability should be guaranteed. On that note, you buy from known and reputable stores or online platforms like pet hemp co official website to ensure you will be getting good quality products.

In this article, we have addressed just a few of the possible questions you may have. We have however made sure to address the similarities and differences between these items, their psychoactive tendencies and how safe they are.

With these answers, you should now have enough confidence to get these products for your pet.

Shabbir Ahmad

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