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French tutors in Toronto – home and online

French tutoring in Toronto with Shafi Education helps students of all ages and levels learn French quickly and easily. Our private French tutoring classes in Toronto are the best way to learn and each student receives personalized lessons tailored to their needs and learning style. We offer online French tutoring and private lessons in your home.

Our creative learning programs closely follow the Ontario Curriculum for in-school students and we integrate many different learning materials into our programs. Toronto’s French tutors at Shafi Education make learning an enjoyable experience, using games, drama and music to engage young learners.

Our students almost always do exceptionally well and develop a strong fluency in French quickly and easily. Why such great results? One of the reasons is that Shafi Education provides highly qualified bilingual and native French speaking tutors who have been selected for their knowledge, teaching experience and ability to inspire and pass on the love of the French language to others. Students start speaking correct, grammatical French from the first lesson with our best French tutors.

French tutoring Toronto – French tutors for kids

Shafi Education offers French tutoring in Toronto for children ages 5 and up. Our after-school and weekend 1-on-1 online French tutoring or home tutoring help students improve their spoken and written French.

We offer French tutoring for children in grades JK to 12 and prepare them for any school French program such as Core French, Extended French, French Immersion or French IB preparation. In addition, we can also assist francophone students with Les Cours de Français at French schools in Toronto.

For French Immersion, our Toronto French Immersion tutors provide strong support to help children become bilingual. We provide tuition and assistance with soccer cleats for French Immersion students. The help of a native French speaker is beneficial, if not essential, when parents do not speak French at home.

French Tutoring Programs Toronto – Be Bilingual in Canada!

It’s great to be bilingual in Canada! There is no doubt that fluency in French is a highly desirable achievement, especially if you live in a Canadian environment. For this reason, many parents want their children to learn French as a second language. Without a doubt, our French tutoring programs create a solid foundation for students in basic language skills. Above all, we recognize that students need to hear, see and use French in meaningful and appropriate contexts. When tutoring French, we focus mainly on the development of the following basic skills:

  • Speaking – oral communication
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing and spelling
  • Vocabulary development

University French tutoring French immersion tutoring

French university teachers help improve language skills. In addition, our tutors provide academic support for courses in French literature, history and culture.

Private French courses for adults

Private French tutoring in Toronto with Shafi Education is certainly a great solution for adults. Our adult students really learn quickly and efficiently. In addition, we make it easy for people who work full-time to learn because we can arrange convenient times. So if you want to learn French for travel or personal interest – you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll see progress. Similarly, if you dream of a career where French is required, working for a bilingual company, we will help you become bilingual for business.

Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced learner, or just love French, we’ve got you covered with French teachers in Toronto. Even better, your private tutor will design a customized program perfectly suited to your needs. Don’t delay! There is no better time than the present to learn or improve your French language skills.

Find a French teacher in Toronto – call Shafi Education now and get the best French teacher!