Free website to get trending content ideas for your next blog post

As a content creator, you getting stuck on figuring out what should be your next blog topic isn’t an uncommon thing for you. Getting blog content ideas is sometimes even more challenging than actually writing a blog.

However, there are several options available where you can explore and find new blog content ideas. Yes, these options do demand some creativity and some research from your end, but if you are a content creator, lighting them won’t be a mighty challenge for you.

The blog further lists and explains the best websites that you can effectively use to generate blog topic ideas with ease. Do read them out.

Best Websites & Tools to Get Blog Topic Ideas

Checkout the best free websites and tools that you can effectively use to get blog content ideas below.

1. AnswerThePublic: AnswerThePublic is one of the best, yet, an under-used tool to get blog content ideas with minimal effort and in less time. Here, you just need to submit your keyword, and the tool will display the questions usually asked about the same. You can explore them, and see if you can prepare blog topics from these questions.

The AnswerThePublic tool is quite easy to use. Just submit the keyword you wish to get the content idea for and let this tool do the rest.

2. Quora: Quora is simply a huge platform. Here, you will find people asking questions, and answering them too. Here, you will find plenty of niches that you can explore, see what’s trending, and get a blog content idea from the same. If you are a content creator, Quora won’t be an alien tool to you.

However, if you use it effectively, you can use the tool for extracting blog content ideas along with asking questions and answering them. After all, what better than getting ideas from your target audience itself?

3. Google Keyword Planner: Yes, Google Keyword Planner is much more than just exploring keywords. If used rightly, you can use this tool to get blog content ideas too. Just submit the anchor text or say one primary keyword of your niche, and the tool will display the correct keywords. You can extract blog content ideas from these results.

4. BuzzSumo: Numerous content creators trust BuzzSumo to get blog content ideas, and rightly so. This tool has been a proven success in terms of providing users with the best blog topic ideas with efficiency and in no time. The neat interface of this tool makes it easy for you to understand the usage of this tool, which is again a major benefit of the same. Just submit your keyword, and this tool does the rest for you.

5. Pinterest: Numerous people think of Pinterest only as a site to get posts in the form of images. However, you can also use this tool to extract blog content ideas and prepare amazing blogs on the same.

Numerous businesses use Pinterest as a tool to get blog topic ideas, and rightly so. Yes, you might be required to invest some creativity here, but if it goes right, extracting the best blog ideas won’t be a major trouble for you.

We hope that the question, “how to generate ideas for content?” is now answered. Keeping these tools in your mind, and using them effectively would make things easy for you to a good extent. Yes, finding blog topic ideas can get a bit confusing, but keeping certain things in your mind can make the entire process smooth and easy for you.

However, the options never end, specifically, when it comes to blog content writing ideas. We as content creators are still exploring various other tools that can be effectively used to generate blog topic ideas. We will keep on adding them as we find them. Don’t hesitate to comment down if you know any of these tools, and can help your fellow content creators to generate content ideas with ease.