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One of the most significant components of internet company success is earning the trust of website visitors, which is more difficult than ever these days due to a rise in fraud and hacking. How can you protect the privacy of prospects, visitors, or customers on your website? There is a simple solution: use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL Certificates) to get rid of all the mentioned problems.

SSL is a product with standards prescribed by Microsoft, Apple, Google, Symantec, etc. Website visitors get to relax by knowing they are dealing with a secure (SSL Certified) online business platform. Website developers must use Secure Sockets Layer certificates to avoid cyber risks.

Free SSL certificate

SSL certificates are divided into two types:

These certifications are completely free to get. The goal of free SSL certificates is to provide website security free of charge. This is the least expensive method of enabling the HTTPS protocol on your website.

Free SSL certificates are classified into two sorts.

  1. Certificates that do not require the Certificate Authority to sign. Instead, the certificate is signed by the user.
  2. A Certificate Authority signs the second type of free SSL certificate

There are no further distinctions between the certificates because they both give the same degree of protection.

Paid SSL Certificate

Paid SSL Certificate These certificates are available from recognized certificate authority websites.

The Advantages of a Free SSL Certificate

No doubt, it’s a considerable investment to have a paid SSL certificate, but a free SSL also provides the following benefits:

1. Secure Website

Everyone wants security, not in real life but also in digital media, so here SSL certificate gives protection to your customer. visitors will be more trusting of your website if they get a secure HTTPS connection. website visitors would not like the following message whenever they visit your website:

“This website is not secure.”

They will avoid your website in the future if they notice this warning. An SSL Certificate can protect you from this disgrace.  HTTPS indicates that your website has an SSL certificate installed. It aids in the prevention of security breaches and provides secondary authentication in the form of Public key Infrastructure (PKI). It is beneficial to send information directly to the receiving server. In this manner, even if the devices use the same service, the data will be inaccessible to them.

2) Protects Data & Customer Trust

The data transmitted to the server that the business is hosted on is private from a website source over the internet. This will guard data against landing in incorrect hands. The certificate provides Significant information, for instance, personal information, passwords, and credit card numbers, that are encrypted by a certificate and as a result, it will be considered unreadable by others. Once the data lands on the protected server, it is only at that time that the encrypted data is decoded. This data protection service will enhance customer trust, which is necessary to run an online business or website.

3) Anti-Hacking Protection

At all costs, avoid phishing websites. These are nearly comparable to the actual legal site and use a number of techniques to get you to disclose sensitive information.

False sites have a difficult or hard time obtaining it, and when consumers are informed of the lack of SSL certificates, they avoid falling prey to these fraudulent sites. Website protection by SSL certificate gives protection from hackers’ attacks on customer information or data.

4) Website Speed

“SSL certificate slowed your” speed. We want to disprove this theory. HTTPS boosts rather than slows your webpage. It improves your website performance, optimization, and promotion. According to Google, a secure website with an SSL certificate will have a competitive advantage over other websites that are not as secure and encrypted – as long as other search engine optimization (SEO) characteristics remain consistent.

5) Website Ranking 

Website owners should be aware that possessing an SSL certificate will not automatically catapult your site to the top of the search engine results page. However, if they are taking care of the other search engine ranking variables and doing everything else correctly, having an SSL certificate will provide them with the much-needed boost to overcome other websites in a difficult and competitive sector.


Finally, SSL certificates are critical to the functioning of any website, but especially so for online retailers or eCommerce sites. Without encrypting your website, you expose it to dangerous attacks, data breaches, and lost clients. Websites that are not encrypted are substantially less likely to rank well in search engines and much less likely to convert users into customers.

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