20 free movies download sites HD 2020

In this article, we will show you a list of the best free movies downloads sites where you can download your favorite movies and TV series for free. Everyone in this world likes to watch movies, but booking a ticket to watch a movie and watch it in a movie theater is now expensive and also time-consuming. You must consume money and time. On the other hand, if you can’t afford the ticket price, you’ll have to wait a long time to see it on TV or other online free streaming sites. But there are other options where you can download the latest movies and watch them later, for your convenience. We present to you the top 20 download sites so that you can enjoy the movie at any time. You can watch your favorite movie without going to the cinema, without leaving your home. However, finding a free and real video download site is a difficult task. With this guide, you will know the best sites for downloading with a high degree of security. 

20 best free movies download sites HD movies 2020

Here is a list of free movies download sites

1. IOMovies

IOMovies is one of the best sites for downloading the latest movies for free. Here you can find any genre of film. It also contains the latest TV shows and series. Third-party servers and other video hosting services store video data and help you find the best one.

2. FilmOnline4U

FilmOnline4U is another best free movies download sites that has Bollywood and Hindi movies called Hollywood. You can subscribe to the newsletter and notification feature to get information about the latest movie available for download. Like many websites, FLimOnline4U also works through external video hosting services. One thing to remember is that you should view a lot of ads using a movie download site. However, to avoid all these ads, you can install Adblocker in your system browser.

3. O2tvseries

O2tvseries is one of the best sites to download tvseries of any kind. It requires no registration before you can have access to any tv series of your choice.

4. FMovies

If you want to watch or download a movie immediately after its release, visit the FMovies website. You can download the camera version of your favorite movie and also see the HD version in no time. You can view movies by genre and watch series such as House of cards and Game of thrones. You can sign up for a free account on the FMovies site to receive notifications and updates about the movie.

5. Yes movies

If you are looking for a beautifully designed website with the latest movies and TV shows, you should visit YesMovies. Here you can search for your favorite movies in the search bar, as well as get recommendations. On this video download site, you can search for movies in three different ways, such as searching by region and searching by genre. Another interesting thing is that you can search for movies by IMDB rating. Here, on this page, you can also request your favorite movie in case of unavailability.

6. Solar Movie

SolarMovie is one of the most popular movie download sites in the world. Includes thousands of high-quality free movies, movies and TV shows, as well as full movie downloads. Stay tuned for the latest updates so that you can easily download videos from this site.

7. Movie4K

Here at Movie4K, you are sure to find all kinds of movies and TV shows. It is also one of the most popular ways to download free movies. You can also access multiple links to other video streaming sites. You don’t need to create an account to download or watch movies online. 

8. CoolMovieZone

CoolMovieZOne is another popular free movies download sites where you can easily update links to your favorite movies. You can get a lot of links for each movie to quickly find the right movie without any problems. But you have to try different links to find the right one.

9. 123 movies

123Movies is one of the fastest-growing video download sites in recent years. Then you can trust this website to download movies and other TV shows. On 123Movies, you will find limited advertising, quick updates and, of course, good quality movies. If you are looking for the best free downloadable video site, this is the best choice for you.

10. YouTube

YouTube is a global name containing millions of movies and movies. In addition to watching movies, you can download your favorite movies here. Admittedly, finding the right option is a bit difficult, but you can find good quality downloadable YouTube videos without much effort. You can subscribe to various channels associated with the films or producers, and to obtain the links to the movies. You can watch these movies and download movies using third-party software. YouTube does not allow downloads directly from its website. Then you need to download YouTube uploaders or Internet Download Manager.

11. Vimeo

Vimeo is another YouTube platform that helps you download and stream your favorite movies. It has a collection of movies of the genre, such as action, romance, animation, which can be viewed for free. Here at Vimeo, you can watch 360 technology movies along with 40K Ultra HD. You can also buy your favorite movies in The “on-demand” section. You don’t need to register to watch and download movies, but if you register correctly, you can use useful features such as downloading movies or creating your own playlist. To download movies, you must first download Vimeo Downloads online.

12. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is currently one of the popular titles in the original series. It’s also the best competitor on Netflix. On Amazon, the best movies, as well as TV shows and series, you can watch the latest and old movies and even download them later. With a free subscription, you can only access Prime for one month. But with a regular subscription, you can have unlimited access to your videos for one year. You can also watch movies on three devices simultaneously with your subscription. You can have Amazon the Best video app for Android and iOS. The app is quite easy to use and offers a great visual experience.

13. KasperMovies.Me

KasperMovies: It is another movie download site that includes all Bollywood movies in HD. You can also find good quality Hollywood movies on this page. If you are a fan of the Japanese anime series, this site is a gift for you.

14. PutLocker

This movie download site is a household name in the world of free movie download sites. There are more than 90 thousand searches per month. Here you can download movies in HD quality and a large collection of movies.

15. MyDownloadTube

MyDownloadTube is another free movies download sites where you can download all your favorite high-quality movies for free. This also includes movies, TV shows, and games. Here you can see a preview, description, and sample of a specific movie. This is why it is very easy to choose the right one before downloading it. Watch free movies On Watch Movies Free, you can watch and download all the latest and most popular movies. This is another page with free downloadable movies where you can access movies by genre, release year, and popularity. You will definitely get a section with the latest updates every time you visit the site. The site also features popular TV shows such as big band theory and game of thrones.

16. Movie4star

Movie4star is another top downloadable movie site offering HD movies and links to TV shows that users can easily download. In Movie4star, you will find genres such as adventure, Comedy, suspense, and more. You can also download regional versions of movies in English, as well as movies from other countries.

17. is one of the most secure torrent search engines that allows you to download high-quality movies, TV series, games, software, and e-books. It is also a popular movie download option that constantly offers new movies. You can download your favorite movies in different versions, such as HD / Full HD, DVD format, TV version and smartphone format. To download movies, you first need a torrent client. You can use BitTorrent to download movies. You must use a proxy for the blocked page.

18. 123GOStream TV

123GOStream TV is one of the fastest streaming and download sites that allows you to watch and download the latest movies for free. You don’t need to watch an ad or register to download a video here. It offers the ability to watch high-quality movies both online and offline. On 123GOStream TV, you can search for any movie, its description, star rating and rating. You can also use the play button to watch the movie immediately. Here you will get high-quality audio and video. If you want to watch movies in HD quality, follow this page as they add the latest HD movies from time to time.

19. – Another popular free movie download site that allows you to download movies in Full HD format. You can also find links to download TV series. There is also the option to view subtitles, classify, and upload. In any case, if you can’t find your favorite movie, you can subscribe to download it on request.

20. Yify

This is another easy-to-use website where you can watch HD movies. You can download your favorites using a simple and user-friendly interface. Yify is also one of the most frequently used video download sites. You can find the right movie in your search and find movies of any genre, as well as good image quality. But you should expect this good quality.


Last words Here is a list of the top 20 free movie download sites. I think it will be useful for all of you to find the best ways to download high-quality free videos. Browse the list and watch movies without leaving your home, without wasting time and money. I would like to receive comments.