Free Is Not Always Better: The Dangers of Using Pirated Software

Consumers who download pirated materials are 28% more likely to infect their device with malware. This may seem like a low number, but the risk of downloading pirated software is huge. There are a lot of dangers that come with downloading free software that you should be aware of.


Read on to learn more about the dangers of pirated software and why people do it.


The Moral Factor

When people use pirated software, they are not often thinking about morals. However, morally, using pirated software is not right. Not everyone will consider this as a danger, but going against what is morally right can be difficult for some.


Using pirated software is morally wrong because it is illegal. Although it may not feel that way, you can face jail time or pay hefty fines for having pirated software in your possession. The rules about using pirated software illegally vary by country.


No Support

Because you are using free software, you may not be able to find support for when you are having issues. For popular tools, this may not be an issue because help can be easily searched for. However, you run the risk of getting caught using pirated software by reaching out for help.


This aspect can be dangerous for your computer. Some problems can only be fixed by the developer. A developer will not help you with your situation if you do not have a valid purchase to prove.


Updates Are Nonexistent

Software piracy can also be dangerous for your computer because updates are not an option. An old version of the software can keep your computer running slow and cause other issues.


The update process not being active is one of the worst software mistakes to have that come with piracy. In general, the only way to get automatic updates is by having a license key from a purchase.


The only way to combat this issue is by redownloading each new version after it is released. The updates may be better for your computer, but all of the risks of downloading pirated software remain. Going through this process over and over is dangerous and rarely works smoothly.



The main reason for avoiding pirated software is because it is almost always infected with viruses or malware. This can cause a data breach that leaves your computer useless. For a lot of Windows users, downloading pirated software will destroy your computer.


Even those with anti-virus software should be wary of viruses from pirated software. These tools are not always perfect. Viruses and malware are still a risk when downloading from pirate websites.


Against the Developers

Downloading free software means you are being unsupportive of developers. This is a dangerous game because you are stealing a product.


Creators work hard to make products that people want to use. To take advantage of that product the right way, software should be bought and not pirated. Not only is this a safer way to go about it, but it is also the morally correct way.


Most software developers offer a trial version. If trials are available, you should take advantage of the offer to see if it is worth buying.


Developers depend on the sales of their products to continue the business. Downloading pirated software creates a loss for companies and affects employees.


If a million people pirate software, companies lose sales and have to let go of employees. People you know could be out of a job because of your decisions.


Another reason to be supportive of developers is that they are creating software that saves computers from malware attacks. Taking away from them financially can put them out of business or limit their ability to create better designs.



Software piracy is a gamble because you don’t know who or where the software comes from. You won’t even know if the software malfunctions in some cases. Because of this, the software can ruin the quality of your computer and the work that gets done on it.


Software becomes pirated by slight alterations. The process makes it able to be free online but can affect performance. Because of these alternations made, pirated software can easily lose files, corrupt files, and is more likely to crash.


Why is Software Pirated?

With all of these dangers, it is a wonder to understand why people pirate software and use it in the first place. The issue began shortly after personal computers were taken off the market.


There are different reasons why people pirate. One factor has to do with the cost of the software.


The software can be an expensive option which makes people more likely to search for a free version online even if there are risks involved.


If developers put their software on the market at a more affordable cost, they would be able to make up the margin of loss by having more customers. However, not every customer will stop pirating just because the software costs less.


A lot of pirates steal software no matter what the price tag says. One main reason people use pirated software is that they view digital property differently than physical property. Although pirating is a form of stealing, most pirates don’t view it this way because a physical object is not taken.


Another reason software is pirated is because of the accessibility to pirated software. It is readily available and the risk of getting caught is low. The thought behind this is due to the internet giving people a sense of anonymity.


Because the internet makes it easy to access pirated software, it can be difficult to avoid it. However, there are tips you can follow for avoiding Pirated Software.


Pirated Software Dangers Explained

There are a lot of dangers when it comes to pirated software, including compromising your work and device. Developers can lose business which can lead to less software being created. Because of this, it is important to avoid pirated software at all costs.


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