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Astrology is helpful for humans to find out about their life and have a better future. The horoscope of an individual needs to be checked to tell about his life. Horoscope can tell about the future of an individual and guide him or her to achieve a successful life and a better future. For checking out the Horoscope, one needs to know the time of birth, the date of birth, as well as the place of birth.

Horoscope is also referred to as Kundli in Indian Astrology. Let us now understand more about free horoscope online and how exactly it works.

What is Kundli?

Kundli, or more commonly known as a horoscope, is what depicts the position of our planets at the time of our birth. Horoscope or Kundli can be used for interpreting the influence of planets on your life. One needs to know the accurate date, time as well as the place of birth as they are the most important factors in Vedic Astrology. These factors ensure that the generated Kundli is accurate.

The generation of Kundli is the main building block of astrology. One can generate Kundli through different ways such as Jaimini, KP Kundli, or Parashari along with various Ayanamsa. Free Horoscope Online provides different options to choose from as well as generate one’s own correct Kundli.

Working of Kundli

Generally, there is a particular astronomical pattern in the sky at the date, time, and place of an individual. The sky model can be recorded with the help of a specific geographical point. The documentation that takes place of the planet-earth-sky pattern during the time of birth is referred to as the Kundli Chart. In the Kundli chart, house divisions, planets, and their signs, and the ascendants or rising signs are indicated. For interpreting or analysing the Kundli chart, four steps need to be followed.

The 4 broad steps for Kundli analysis are: Analyzing, Synthesizing, Forecasting as well as Applying Corrective Measures. These can be better understood below:

  • Analyzing: The chakra or the Kundli chart needs to be analyzed. This can be done by learning the basics of Vedic Astrology as well as interpreting the Horoscope.
  • Synthesizing: The next step is to synthesize the multiple meanings or any contradictory interpretations with the help of Kundli Dasha, divisional charts, as well as other horoscope analysis techniques.
  • Forecasting: The next step involves forecasting about the personality, behaviour as well as events over time. This is done based on the above two Kundli analysis methods.
  • Applying: The last step involves applying corrective measures for improving the quality of Kundli for a particular dosha or any malefic planets. This can enhance the life of an individual consequently.


Our lives are quite influenced by planets. Analysing the planets or the Kundli chart is important to find out their effect on your life. They can even provide information about an individual’s characteristics, favourable numbers, problems as well as remedies for those problems. We would encourage you to check your free horoscope online.

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