Free Fire Garena: Why You Should Still Play and How to Get Free Diamonds

I finally got around to playing the game and was immediately surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It’s insanely addictive, tons of fun, and has me itching to play more. The “Battle Royale” genre isn’t one I’ve spent much time with, but for whatever reason Free Fire Garena has me hooked.

Here’s how it works.

The premise is incredibly simple. You hop into a match with nearly 100 people, give or take. Everyone is flown over a huge map and you get to pick where you jump out of the plane and skydive down to the ground. By and large, players hit the ground empty-handed.

Once on the ground you set about going into buildings to look for weapons, armour, ammo and various other items to help keep you alive. What follows is a game of last-man-standing. You sneak around gearing up while you watch the ticker drop. 88 players alive. 65 players alive. 42 players alive. The idea is you want to be the 1/100. I just started yesterday and the best I’ve achieved is 7/100, which I felt pretty good about.

What works really well about this is that as the match progresses, the gameplay area is restricted into ever-smaller circles. You have to remain within these shrinking circles or you die. This forces surviving players into an increasingly more intimate playing field.

There’s a lot of strategy and luck involved with a good match. If you land further out to the fringes of the map, you’ll probably encounter fewer players. This gives you more time to gear up, but it also means you have a lot more ground to cover moving to the centre as the play area is constricted. Moving across open areas is dangerous.

Then there’s the simple act of entering a building and finding gear. If a door is open, it means a player has been there. Whether they’re still in there camping with a shotgun is another question. Of course, players can also shut doors behind them and then wait in hiding for an unsuspecting foe.

On my best run, I only killed one other player. I simply moved cautiously and patiently from building to building, listening for enemy footsteps and vehicles. You can win the entire match without killing anyone, though more than likely you’ll have to kill at least one other player to claim victory. Still, since it’s everyone against everyone, a smart player can let his enemies do the bulk of the work. I’ve watched as players gun each other down, and then picked off the winner.

Intense Gameplay

The entire thing can be incredibly intense. Sometimes you think you’re the only one who landed in an area, only to stumble into the barrel of an enemy gun waiting in the next building over. The very first time I played I landed at the exact time as another player. We both ran into separate buildings. When I came out of mine he opened fire. I ducked back in, collected myself, whipped around the corner and shot him dead. Already the game was thrilling.

You learn as you go along, basically. The game teaches you through failure, as all the best games do.

The game can feel slow at times, as you move from building to building not encountering anyone. But the knowledge that an enemy is probably just around the corner keeps things tense and uncertain. Dying can be frustrating, but you can just hop into a new match right away. And those little moments of victory are so satisfying. One time, another player stumbled on the house I was looting. H

He came inside and we exchanged fire, and then he backed out the door. I went out the other side of the house and circled around only to find him with his gun trained on the doorway. I shot him down like a dog and took his stuff.


I was sniped from far away two minutes later.

At 7/100 I was close enough to taste victory, and that was on Day One of play. So I smell blood, and like a shark I’ll circle back for more. It may take a while, what with all the far more experienced players out there, but I have hope.

Or maybe I’m just addicted already. Either way, I’m liking the game a lot.

What I’ve Heard About Getting Some Diamonds 

Diamonds are a currency in Free Fire Garena, and they can easily be used to get rewards, kits and other things I really wanted to try out. I browsed around the web to try to find something that would scratch this itch of mine, and come across a great guide on free fire diamond hack com.

I tried the payment method as I don’t want anything to happen to my account, and, thankfully, it worked exactly as planned. If you’re desperately wanting for diamonds, I completely recommend the guide – it tells you anything you want to know.