About Freddie Mercury: early life, music style, performance instrument , love life, physical condition and major Artwork

Freddie Mercury (September 5, 1946 to November 24, 1991), born in Zanzibar, Tanzania, is a PASI native, a British male singer and musician, and the lead singer of the rock band Queen. He devoted his whole life to music and left a lot of classical music for people. The familiar melody is still played and listened to by people, and some musicians miss him in the form of songs. Even, his many fans find sculpture supplier to make his statue in memory of him. About this talented musician, we can also learn more about his life, emotions and other aspects. Here is the life story of Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury

1.Early life of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury, formerly Farrokh Bulsara, was born on Zanzibar Island in Tanzania, East Africa on September 5, 1946. Father Bomi Bulsara and mother Jer Bulsara are both PASI people, born in British India. He also has a sister, Kershmira.

In 1964, the revolution broke out in Zanzibar. At the age of 18, he moved away from his hometown with his family to live in Feltham, London. In 1969, he formed the band Ibex, which was later renamed Wreckage, but it was not popular. Later, he joined the second band, Sour Milk Sea. However, in early 1970, the band also disbanded. In april1970, he joined the two man band named Smile, which was composed of guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. After joining, according to his meaning, the group name was changed to “Queen”, which is the name that will be used for decades in the future.

Mercury is famous for his high pitched and bright timbre and dramatic performance. He is also with outstanding creative talent. He has written many handed down works of the Queen band, such as Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are the Champions, Killer Queen, Someone to Love, Don’t Stop Me Now, etc. On November 24th, 1991, Freddie Mercury died of pneumonia caused by AIDS at the age of 45.

2.Music style of Freddie Mercury

One of the characteristics of his composition is the integration of a very rich variety of musicality. Ordinary piano music, rock, heavy metal rock and disco music, etc. This feature is most obvious in Rhapsody of Bohemia.

His range spans about four octaves (f2-e6). His voice usually falls in the range of baritone, but when he sings, he often pulls the range to tenor. The unique timbre is impressive. As a result, he got a nodule in the vocal cord, which is, of course, later.

He is also very talented in performing. He is famous for his dramatic and magnificent performances and is often praised as one of the greatest performers in the history of pop music. He was highly praised by his partner David Bowie: “among all the rock singers who have reached the dramatic level of performance, Freddy is still far more than everyone else.” “He has exceeded his limit. I have only seen him sing once. As a result, he is indeed a man who can hold the audience in the palm of his hand.”.

During his career, he performed about 700 concerts with the Queen band.

3. performance instrument

Compared to many musicians, he can be said to be very unspecialized in the use of instruments. Although there are often many guitar playing parts in the songs he writes, he actually only has basic guitar skills. He mentioned about the use of the guitar: “I never tried to become a guitar hero because I couldn’t play him at all. Damn guitar!” (I’ve made no effort to become a guitar hero because I can’t play the fucking guitar!). Relatively speaking, the instrument he is best at and has learned since childhood is the piano, but he does not value his own piano skills, and after 1980, his frequency of playing the piano on the stage also decreased, because he thought standing up Running on stage and interacting with the audience is more important.

4.Love life of Freddie Mercury

After 1970, he began to associate with Mary Austin. In the mid-1970s, because he started a close relationship with David Minns, the executive officer of PA record company, he broke up with Mary Austin, but he always regarded her as the only true friend in his life. In 1985, Mercury met his last Gay lover, Jim Hutton, and accompanied him through the last period of his life

5.Physical condition (death)

Mercury was later tested for AIDS in 1987, but he was controlled by drugs and died of illness in 1991 at the age of 45. The official cause of death was pneumonia caused by AIDS. Although he did not participate in religious activities for many years, his funeral was conducted in Zoroastrian rites. Elton John, David Bowie and three other members of the Queen band attended the funeral. He was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery.

According to his last words, he gave the property and copyright to his best friend, Mary Austin, and the rest to his parents and sister.

Freddie was posthumously admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, was elected to the Songwriter Hall of Fame in 2003, and was elected to the British Music Hall of Fame in 2004.

A customized statue in Montreux, Switzerland, by sculptor Irena Sedlecká, was erected as a tribute to Mercury.

6.Major Artwork

《Bohemian Rhapsody》,《We Are The Champions》,《Seven Seas of Rhye》,《Killer Queen》,《Somebody to Love》,《Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy》,《Bicycle Race》、,《Don’t Stop Me Now》,《Crazy Little Thing Called Love》and《Play the Game》