Four top tips to improve customer satisfaction

In this era of social media, it has never been quicker nor easier for a dissatisfied customer to shout about their experiences. No longer is it simply possible for others to hear about what has happened to someone, but it is highly likely that people will. Alongside the written rants, many disgruntled customers use photos and even videos to shout from the rooftops about how irate they are. If the possibility of that happening to your business doesn’t fill you with terror and make you implement measures to improve customer satisfaction, what will?

Here are four top tips to help you and your workers provide a better service to your customers, starting today. 

  1. Start with your staff

An unhappy team will undoubtedly shine through to your customers, so starting with your staff is the most crucial step to take. Assess what is happening in the workplace. Why are some or all your workers unhappy? Do they have sufficient opportunity to share their views? If not, change that and have regular staff meetings or anonymous boxes where people can post their concerns, questions and ideas. Work from your employees’ suggestions and put things in place to ensure that they are happier, thus more likely to stay with you as well as providing a better experience for the customers. 

  1. Keep customers informed

The irritation of waiting for a product to arrive and it not being on time or shopping somewhere only to find your desired item is out of stock are frustrating. Ensuring that inventory management is of a high level and well organized can avoid this happening so frequently. If they have paid for a service or an item, but you are going to be unable to deliver on time for whatever reason, informing them sooner rather than later is a good habit to get into. Transparency is key in this type of situation, allowing customers to know what is happening. After all, they are paying for this, so should be kept in the loop. 

  1. Improve communication

Allowing your customers to liaise with you via whatever means works best for them is something fantastic for businesses to offer. For example, many people are sick of making phone calls where they end up on hold for what seems like hours. Online chat facilities are becoming increasingly popular as people can multitask and, in today’s busy society, this should be considered. Simply offering this service is not enough though, as your employees, whoever is at the other end of the phone or chat box, must be trained to communicate both efficiently and effectively, boosting your customer satisfaction rate. Likewise, anyone sending emails or letters should be well practiced in terms of keeping the right tone and sharing the most valuable information. 

  1. Ask for feedback

Ultimately, your customers know what kind of service they expect and what areas your business has fallen short of when they utilize your services. So, why not ask them for feedback? The approach of ‘you told us…’ and ‘we did this…’ is a great one as it shows your company to be proactive and listening to the views of your clients. Feeling as though opinions and experiences are taken seriously and lessons learned from not-so-impressive moments will alleviate your status. 


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team