Four Tips to Expand Your Brand’s Reach

Your brand is your beacon for consumers to follow. It represents your company, your style, and the products that you sell. As such, you want your brand to be front and center of all of your marketing so that you’re both visible and recognizable to consumers. But how can you expand your brand’s reach – taking the next step towards becoming a household name? Many companies choose brand strategy consultants to guide them to success.  For now, in this article, we’ll look at how you can gain new customers and promote your brand to more people on the internet and offline, too.


It’s important to say that your brand will only be as powerful as the design thinking that’s gone into it. If you’re working with a brand that was designed long ago, with a logo and style ethos that has since drifted out of fashion, you’ll find it difficult to expand your reach: consumers will simply ignore and shun your brand. So any brand expansion targets you have should always start with a consideration of your brand. Is it modern and eye-catching enough? If not, perhaps a redesign is in order to give your brand new energy and vitality. 


Search engine optimization is one of the most reliable ways to build a brand presence online. It’s quite simple: the objective is to make your website more prominent on the internet by having it feature on the first page of Google’s search results for certain keywords and phrases. And to do that, you’ll need to partner with experts from companies like SEO Ibérica, which specialize in finding ways to promote your brand via SEO techniques. Such firms will also be able to expand your reach internationally by following up on regional keywords that will help your website pop up to overseas consumers as well as those you’re targeting domestically. 

Offline Advertising

The world of offline advertising has gone a little cold in the past ten years. It’s understood that the giants of the advertising world – the likes of Google and Facebook – are the new kings of the marketing space, leaving offline agencies with less custom. But that’s not to say the offline marketing space is bereft of new ideas. In fact, if you partner with the right agencies, you’ll find that offline adverts – on TV, on billboards, or via flyers and magazine features – are both cheap and effective. Research your options here in order to present your brand to a different tranche of customers. 

Social Media

It’s long been known that social media is a wonderful free gateway through which you can direct consumers to your business’ website. This is the case whether you’re using YouTube to share marketing materials or if you’re on Instagram sharing funky pictures of people using, wearing, or enjoying your products. The modern company should engage in the full spectrum of social media accounts – including newcomers such as TikTok – in order to stand the best chance of getting seen by a younger generation that often makes purchasing decisions based on what they see online.

Expand your reach and boost your sales with these four tips, designed to help any business grow both locally and internationally.