Four Things to Remember when Meeting People in the New Normal

At some point we will all be back outdoors. For some, this is already a reality, while others are still waiting. If you’re hearing news about your local economy reopening, that means you can meet up with your friends and family again sometime soon.

But along with the excitement of being outdoors again, there are a few other things to keep in mind when you do go. Here are four of them:


Though you may already be allowed to go to restaurants, coffee shops, malls, and other places of interest, it might still be safer if you limit the time you spend in these areas. The more people you interact with, the more possible it is that you may encounter someone who is infectious. And if you have been vaccinated, you may not fall sick from this, but you may still shed the virus and infect others. Stay in a coffee shop, mall, or other public areas while keeping in mind the time, so that you can go home safely and at peace.

Your Appearance

One of the big changes that happened in the new normal is that we all have to wear face masks. This might mean your makeup routine has changed a bit. You should still wear your Korean sunscreen, and reapply when you’re out and about and sweating, but more importantly, be mindful of the lipstick you choose to wear. Not all lipstick formulas are smudge-proof, and if you reach for one that isn’t, you may end up with a smeared lip when you remove your mask. All the effort you put into preparing for that meeting will go to waste, and you will make a bad impression when you see your loved ones.

Your Exposure

As mentioned earlier, the longer you stay outdoors, the more probable that you will encounter the virus. Moreover, if you stay in crowded spaces or do not practice social distancing, the chances get even higher. While it is understandable that you miss physical contact with your loved ones, make sure that you sanitize your hands and other body parts before you give them a hug. In fact, air hugs and air kisses are the new norm, just to keep everyone safe. Be mindful as well when you are holding objects that have been used by someone else before you, such as pushcarts and physical money. If you can opt to pay cashless, do that. If you can put groceries in your own bag, that would be even better.

Your Comfort

With all the time we spent indoors, it takes some adjustment to be back out there again. There are a few more steps you have to do now before you can sit down and catch up with your friends, but even before you leave the house, pay attention to your energy levels. Are you feeling anxious? Is the idea of going outdoors too scary that you feel physically ill? Prepare as much as you can, but also recognize the signs that you are not ready.

Excited to be back out there? Make sure the trip goes smoothly with these reminders.