Four Must Have Items for Audiophiles

Love listening to music? The experience has definitely changed in recent years thanks to new and improves gadgets that help audiophiles listen to their favourite tracks. The quality of sound and the convenience of accessing music wherever we are have remarkably improved thanks to technology. If you are a true audiophile, there simply are some devices you must have in your backpack. Here is a list of gadgets that real audiophiles cannot do without:

1. An Amp

Amplifiers are the device that separates casual music lovers from the audiophiles. An audiophile is most likely to have an amp at home, while non-audiophiles barely even know what these tools are. Amps are available for musical instruments like guitars. But amps can also be purchased for speakers.

Amps on speakers improve the strength of audio signals, thus leading to better quality sound. Amps can highly some types of sound over others. Audiophiles who play music and generally likes tweaking with sound quality can certainly benefit from having an amp at home. You may visit Naim Audio for the best HDMI streaming Amplifiers.

2. Wireless Headsets

Earphones with long cords are so five years ago. Audiophiles can now listen to music without being tethered to a device thanks to Bluetooth headphones. This tech has advanced so much, you can connect your headset to multiple devices to listen to just about anything. For example, you can connect a Bluetooth earphone to your smartphone and music player at once. You can listen to music or take phone calls as you like.

The downside here is that Bluetooth technology is still lagging when it comes to creating really high-end audio. But it’s getting there. You can get better audio on a high-end pair of wired headphones compared to a pair of wireless ones. But the difference is hardly noticeable on budget-range headsets. A budget earphone with a cord, for example, is no better at creating bass sounds than a similarly priced Bluetooth headset. The wireless versions offer the added advantages of convenience and comfort as well.

3. Shower Speaker

Instead of playing your favourite music track over and over in your head as you shower, buy a shower speaker for your bathroom. These gadgets come with suction cups and waterproof casing. You can easily stick one on to the shower stall or the tiles on the bathroom walls. Then, voila, you can stream music directly into the shower.

Shower speakers are powered by Bluetooth tech. Some even let you listen to the radio in the shower. So don’t miss out on this amazingly convenient device that will make those morning showers extra fun.

4. Turntable

Modern audiophiles stream music on smartphones and computers so they don’t really need the CD players of the past. But a turntable is more than just a gadget to play records you bought in the nineties. It can improve the aesthetic in your space and make dinner parties a lot more interesting. Turntables are available at various price ranges. If you are an audiophile who miss the days when records were actually physical, then go for one of these.

The above gadgets will complete the life of a dedicated audiophile. Chances are you probably have all of the above. In case you don’t, you know what to buy next Christmas for yourself.