Four Methods to Download Instagram Images

Although Instagram is an incredible way to share pictures with others, there are not many options for saving those images. For example, you can like posts and bookmark them; however, what about downloading them?

Even if someone has a private Instagram account, there are still ways to download their images. Here are the best methods.

1. With an Instagram Downloader Site

While screenshots are one way to capture Instagram images, did you know that there’s a method to download them directly?

Instagram downloader tools offer a quick and easy way to save Instagram images. These websites let you directly download any image posted to a public account, without losing quality like you would with a screenshot.

There are dozens of web-based Instagram image downloader services available. Just copy the link to the Instagram post in question, paste it into the search box of any tool, and hit the Download button. The tool will automatically save the image to your downloads folder. Some popular options include InstaDP, InstaFinsta, iGram, and Toolzu.

2. Take a Screenshot

Sometimes the most effortless method is also the best. A lot of individuals don’t know that you can take a screenshot on your Android or iOS phone. This works for any app, even if it does not enable downloading images in general.

While screenshotting your phone has some advantages, there are a few drawbacks. One is that it also captures UI elements along with the image you wanted. Additionally, because screenshots save everything visible on your phone’s display, their visual quality might not be as clear as if you had saved the image itself.

The first problem can be easily fixed by being mindful of where you place your phone and using the cropping tool to only capture what you want. More experienced users might also be able to edit out the unnecessary parts, but it’s a bit more time-consuming.

Screenshots are a fantastic way to preserve images from reels or Instagram stories that would be otherwise impossible to save. You can even download entire reels if you want!

3. Use a Third-Party App

Just as there are many websites that allow you to download Instagram photos, there are also several apps that provide the same service. The only difference is instead of needing to open a web browser on your computer, you can access the app directly from your phone.

Downloader for Instagram and Instant Save are two of many Android apps that allow you to download images from Instagram. The process is the same for both: simply copy the link to the relevant post and paste it into the search bar.

If you have an iPhone, Instant Save is the best option for downloading videos and photos from Instagram. While Downloader for Instagram works well for Android users, there are other great options available specifically tailored to Apple products.

4. Through Built-In methods

What about default methods? Is there a way to download Instagram images without using third-party tools or workarounds?

No, you cannot. Because of privacy reasons, the platform does not allow users to download someone else’s photos. All you’re allowed to do is bookmark images you like so they’ll be saved in your Instagram Collection for later viewing.

Although Collections is an excellent way to save liked posts and come back to them later, it only works on the Instagram app. So if you want to download and use pics from your phone’s gallery, you’ll have to try other methods we talked about.

Can I Legally Download Instagram Images?

You may not know this, but the law considers photographs as intellectual property. So even if you manage to save pictures from someone’s Instagram account, you don’t have ownership over them.

If you only want these images for personal reasons (viewing them offline, sharing with friends, etc.), that’s perfectly fine. Also, it’s okay to repost stories you’re tagged in as long as you give credit to the original poster.

Reposting someone else’s content as your own is generally looked down upon, and in some cases, can even cause your post to be removed. If you want to view a deleted Instagram post, downloading the image is usually the best way to do it, especially if the account doesn’t belong to you.

Which Is the Best Method to Download Images From Instagram?

If you want to download Instagram pictures from a post, using a third-party website or app is usually the best method. It’s easy and quick, doesn’t require precise aiming (like a screenshot), and produces high-quality images.

To save photos from Instagram, you can either download an Android app or use a site like InstaDP.info. Keep in mind that both of these methods require a link to the public Instagram post.

If you have a private account, try taking a screenshot instead of copying and pasting the link to download it. It won’t be amazing quality, but it’s more convenient than jumping between apps.

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