Four Common Misconceptions of Working in the Legal Industry

Working in the legal industry has always been hailed as one of the best career choices. However, recent surveys conducted in the industry have revealed that most people would make a career change given a chance. It may be due to the number of hours they spend working instead of spending time with their families. Below is an in-depth analysis of some of the misconceptions associated with working in the legal sector.




Having a career in the legal industry can indeed be very productive. What is not true is that it happens overnight. To earn well in the industry, it will take a lot of time to build your network and gain repeat clients who have you on retainer. Once this happens and you have your law firm or work in a good firm, you are on your way to the big leagues. Making partners in a lucrative law firm will cement your financial future, and you get to have paralegals do all the footwork for you.




It is the biggest misconception out there, and TV shows like Divorce Court have fueled it. In reality, working in the industry is not glamorous at all. Tedious work requires a lot of patience. You spend most of your days seated in court through mostly boring hearings after working on a lot of groundwork to make a case. TV shows are condensed into 30-minute presentations, while in real life, it takes months, even years to get your day in court, and the hearing itself can take a lot longer to get decided. Unless you get to handle a big case that has the media’s attention, the chances of you being famous are next to none.


Decent Lawyers


Not all lawyers are crooks or evil; there are some pretty good legal practitioners out there. Some lawyers fight for the less privileged in society; others fight for climate change and advocate for human rights. All these are examples of people who go beyond to help others out. Some lawyers take on pro bono cases. The cases that would not have had good representation were it not for them. These professionals have been overshadowed by lawyers who are out to make money regardless of how they do it.


The misconception that judges are not fair and are only out to get rich has overshadowed the good judges who are not corrupt, who try to pass fair judgment with fear or prejudice. In many countries around the world where corruption is rampant, people do not trust judges and lawyers.


Not a Business


If you want to have a lucrative career in the legal industry, you need to handle it like it is a business like any other. The bottom line is making money; it is why big law firms only take on big cases, ensuring they make big profits at the end of the day. Law firms use a lot of resources to advertise their services. Once they start getting retainer clients, especially from big corporations, they start making money. For appearance purposes, they throw in a few pro bono cases to add to their portfolio and show their humane side. The law firms will outsource new talented lawyers in the industry to add to their collection to ensure they can take on as many clients as possible. Also, with a high rate of positive outcomes in court, they start getting high-paying clients.


There are so many myths and misconceptions plaguing the legal industry. But with handwork and determination, you can get to the top and be the best in a very competitive industry.