Forter Acquires Bot Detection Company Founded by Cyber Technology Expert Amit Siva Levi

Amit Siva Levi 3rd from left, with his team from Immue , Image by Forter

Forter Acquires Bot Detection Company Founded by Cyber Technology Expert Amit Siva Levi

Forter, the digital commerce fraud detection and protection platform, announced the acquisition of Immue Ltd., a bot detection company co-founded by Amit Siva Levi in 2021. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Levi, a cyber technology expert renowned for his extensive experience as a white hat hacker and broad expertise in cyber technologies and solution development.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Immue Ltd. specializes in bot detection and prevention solutions that help businesses identify and prevent fraudulent activity. Its acquisition by Forter in 2022 is a testament to Levi’s entrepreneurial vision and the company’s innovative approach to fraud detection.

Levi’s fascination with coding and the cyber world began in his early years in Ashkelon, Israel, setting him on a path toward a successful career in the bot management industry. Levi graduated from the Harvard Extension School in 2021 and the Magshimim Project in 2016, and served as the Chief Technology Officer at Coinsfactor Ltd. from January 2018 to May 2019.

Amit Siva Levi and His Co-founder, Image by Forter

In founding Immue Ltd. with his co-founders, Levi saw an opportunity to build a
 cutting-edge bot detection solution that could help businesses protect themselves and their customers from fraudulent activity. The company’s success caught the attention of Forter, which recognized the value of Immue’s technology and the team’s expertise.

Forter provides a platform for digital commerce to isolate fraud and protect consumers across industries, with automation capabilities that help businesses prevent fraud, maximize revenue, and deliver optimal customer experiences. The acquisition of Immue Ltd. enables Forter to further strengthen its fraud detection and prevention capabilities and expand its reach in the global market.

Levi now holds the position of principal researcher at Forter, where he continues to leverage his expertise to drive innovation in the field of cyber technology. The acquisition of Immue Ltd. represents a significant achievement for Levi and a testament to his entrepreneurial vision and leadership in the industry.