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A recent case study by Affiliated Distributor reveals the eCommerce success story of an industrial distributor, Quality Mill Supply. The success came on the back of a CIMM2 platform and 300,000 enriched product SKUs integrated into their online catalogue. Backed by a more robust site and optimized product content, Quality Mills noted a giant surge in site traffic – 20 times more than the older site. An average of 10,000 monthly sessions was another feat the distributor reported. The company is leveraging an integrated product information management tool, as efficient as the Amaze PIM system, to boost its overall eCommerce performance. Along with PIM software and enriched content, an effective PIM strategy is also crucial to success.

In a recent webinar, Bruce Eppinger, a senior analyst for digital business at Forrester Research, shared core principles for a world-class PIM strategy. Here are some of the insights he shared during the webinar, including his six tenets for operational efficiency in product information management.

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Reliable, engaging content drives B2B customers

Low prices, free shipping, and easy returns are the prime factors for customers to make buying decisions. The story is, however, different in the B2B marketplace. When asked what makes B2B buyers shop online for their businesses, the answer is a credible source for product information. B2B professionals need the confidence to make sure the product they are buying will meet their customers’ needs and expectations. Here, the website functionality and product content are key drivers in the B2B buying cycle. And, this can be achieved with the Amaze product information managementin place.

Forrester’s data reveals that B2B buyers love to get product information from online resources rather than from the company’s representative. Not surprisingly, they want the convenience of researching and shopping for products online. With changing buyer preferences and expectations, wholesalers and distributors need to work accordingly.

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Superior content starts with a world-class PIM strategy

With multiple sales channels supporting B2B commerce today, the importance of product informationrequired to improve the customer journey has significantly changed. Businesses must first create and implement a world-class PIM strategy to deliver superior quality content across channels. Whether you deploy the Amaze PIM system or any other tool in the market, content and operational fluency are the two main pillars that provide the foundation. There are three crucial tenets to consider within each mainstay for your PIM strategy.

·        Content excellence tenets

With your content, you need to support all the people tied to the B2B transaction. These people might include your internal staff, B2B buyers, and end-users. After defining the needs of these people, start building content that features completeness, quality, and credibility. Your content should contain product features, technical specifications, descriptions, and extensive digital assets. The key is to distribute product information across channels. All this is easily achievable with the Amaze product information management.

·        Operational excellence tenets

You will need a central repository to make your content available and accessible across distribution channels. The Amaze PIM systemis a good choice here for this to happen. It acts as a central database and supports concepts like search, enrichment, and authoring, allowing businesses to view product information within the context they need. Workflow process is also crucial to let you govern who can access and review your product information.

·        Action plan

Creating an effective action plan is essential for your PIM journey. You can start with the assessment of your current product information management. Then build your PIM strategy before finally investing in technology to meet your strategic goals. Assessing your content and operational capabilities will help you track gaps and inefficiencies. After formulating a good strategy, you will need technology support to accomplish it. Here, you can rely on the Amaze PIM software.

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