Forrest Walker Conner Advice To His Younger Self

We all wish we could go back in time and have a conversation with our younger selves. It’s easy to picture being a good big brother or sister to ourselves, taking our hand and showing us the way.

Of course, that’s impossible, but Forrest Walker Conner often thinks about what he would say to himself when he was younger and how that advice might help others come to some of the conclusions that have led him on a path of success.

What Would Forrest Walker Conner Say To His Younger Self?

“Confidence” that’s number one on the list of Forrest Walker Conner’s advice. But he also knows that confidence, putting your best foot forward with a smile on your face, has to mix with an openness to the world, the ability to form solid relationships, and taking your time to make the right decisions. 

Enjoy New People, Places, and Experiences

Being open to new things, new ways of being and experiences, and appreciating the different struggles people have all over the world do two things. 

First, it creates empathy. And the more you can empathize with other people, the more people you meet and engage with them. 

Secondly, it opens doors to many hidden opportunities or avenues and solutions to problems you might not even have considered. 

“At the same time,” says Forrest Walker Conner, “I’d want to tell my younger self to stay true to the traditional values that are most important to you.”

Form Solid Relationships

You can’t get anywhere in life without the support of family and friends. That’s something Forrest Walker Conner knows all too well. And something he’s valued since he was a kid. 

The second thing he’d say to his younger self is to cherish those around you who are closest. Keep in touch with the friends you make as you have all those new experiences you’ve opened up yourself to. 

Stay in touch with family as well. Not only do you never know when you’ll need someone, but having a massive roster of people you can call upon and who might call upon you, can lead to further avenues and opportunities than if you were going it alone. 

Take Your Time With Important Decisions

It took Forrest Walker Conner a while to figure what his major was going to be. But that didn’t bother him at all. It was a decision that would affect the rest of his life. He wanted to take his time and make sure he was on the right path. 

And he’d tell his younger self to follow that same path: take your time with the crucial decisions. They’re the ones that will have the most significant impact on your life. Yes, it can add a lot of pressure, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Pressure can be a sign that you should take your time and think things through.  

Listen To Your Mentors

Last but not least: listen to those who you hold in high esteem, the people who are your teachers, your influences. 

Think carefully about what they have done and how that relates to what you want to do. Always be ready to learn from your mentors and apply their wisdom. 

Good mentors know when you need to know something, and you can always rely on them to help you through the tricky spots.