Forgiveness Is Over Your Shame


“Sorry,” A fairly small yet powerful word. It is the word that holds power to stop small quarrels to large conflicts. A word that is powerful enough to turn foes to friends in just an instance.


Why Are People Reluctant in Saying Sorry?

Saying sorry or asking forgiveness means you confess that you have done something wrong. It’s established that you have made a mistake, which makes most people feel ashamed about themselves. People believe that making a mistake makes them a terrible person, and if they say sorry, everyone will judge them. The simple confession makes them feel bad about themselves. They think that avoiding forgiveness is better than living with the mistake or they don’t feel worthy of being forgiven. They never understand that there is no room for shame with forgiveness.


Is It Wrong to Say Sorry?

There is absolutely nothing wrong in saying sorry. Asking for forgiveness doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means that you have made a mistake or a wrong call, which is a normal part of human life. Every single human has made a mistake. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” as it says in Romans 3:23


Moreover, apologizing doesn’t make you small or separate you from others. It does just the opposite. It tells the other that you realize you are wrong and are willing to fix your mistakes. Saying sorry also means that you no longer have to bear the burden of your mistake. You are free from your past sin and ready to turn a new leaf. It presents you with a sense of relief and joy to know that you are free from your mistake.  


It’s like the daily devotion said, your sins are nothing to God, but the pain you feel is . You are all God’s Children, and He knows that children make mistakes. It’s not because they intend to, but it’s because mistakes are an essential part of learning. They are essential to learn and become a better person. 


Moreover, God doesn’t care about the mistakes you made. He knows that mistakes don’t define you. There is more to your character than the small errors you have made or are going to make.  So, don’t feel terrible about making mistakes. Jesus has already paid for them, and all you need to know is to learn from them and turn away from your sins. You have to learn to forgive yourself and move ahead of the setback.  


Will God Forgive Me?

God’s love is eternal for all His children. Your sins cannot affect His love and care for you. His love for you is unconditional and goes far beyond the mistakes you have made. The Lord can see your heart and feel the aches you have due to your mistakes. He knows that deep-down, you feel remorse and shame for your sin. It makes Him sad to see His children this way. That is why God called you to confess your sins, so that He can forgive you and free you from the bondage of your sins.

He died so that you can live! Therefore, confess your mistake, learn from it, and never make it again. The day you do it, you will be free from sin. God has already freed you, it’s time that you do the same. 


Final Thought

God’s vision and understanding of His children have nothing to do with their mistakes. He doesn’t judge you for your mistakes and is ready to forgive you for them. So, stop feeling bad and carrying around the burden of your mistakes. Just confess them, ask for forgiveness, and trust that Jesus paid for your sins.