For large goods trucks, the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and a safety permit are required (HGVs)

The Direct Vision Standard quantifies the amount that an HGV driver can directly view through his cab windows. This shows the risk to vulnerable road users, such as walkers or cyclers, close to the car.

The Direct Vision Standard and the HGV safety authorization for HGVs is part of the Vision Zero plan of the Mayor of London, which aims to eradicate mortality and severe injuries in London via the 2041 transport system.

Permit and regulations for HGV safety

Whether the operator deems the cars to conform to the rules or not, all vehicles in the Greater London region above 12 tones (GVW) must carry a valid HGV safety authorization to prevent the receipt of a PCN before utilizing the area.

The HGV safety allowance is in force 24 hours a day, every day of the year, throughout the majority of Greater London.

You may examine the map where it is operating or read HGV safety DVS Permit guidelines for traders who enter London’s paper below for further information on the HGV safety license system.

Safe System DVS rating

Before traveling through the region, HGV operators must apply for their vehicles’ licenses. If the car satisfies the minimal DVS star rating, a license is issued.

You will need to make the car safe by installing it with Safe System enhancements, or you can have a PCN if you do not meet your car’s minimal DVS star rating.

Products from Traffic Angel DVS:

SCR1 is the 3-channel 7-inch monitor of our system.

This is our basic monitor that gives a clean and automatic image for nighttime usage.

Measures: case width 192mm, case height 135mm, and case height 45mm.

Our 7-inch 4-canal monitor is SCR4K.

By self-taking

Measures: height 120mm and depth 25mm.

We utilize our black-and-white side camera standard on new constructions for SC4B150/SC4W150.

This may also be found in AHD.

Measuring the width, the height and the base of 45mm and the depth of 75mm.

Our tiny black-and-white camera is SC3B120/SC3W120.

Measures: base width 30mm, base height 25mm, and depth 35mm.

Sensor System: 

Up to 4 sensors on the nearside are waterproof and can be detected in the blind region where there are lower walls, bollards, bicycles, pedestrians, and others.

The easy, driver-friendly interface is made up of a bright LED traffic light display, which changes colors as the obstacle/danger approaches, providing a hearing warning tone only when the crucial proximity is 0.4m.

Alarm System:

Supermarine waterproof, alarm 85dB.

Plays a brief, repeated message notifying nearside bikers and drivers to turn left (right turn also available).

The Traffic Angel Speed Switch automatically deactivates at greater speeds (available separately).