Football game overlord, “FIFA 22” changed skin or a new one?

The “FIFA” series of football games is a golden sign of EA. It sits firmly in the position of the first in football games. Of course, the “FIFA” series can also be regarded as the model workers in the game. Like the “COD” series, it is one every year. Rarely absent.

This year’s latest “FIFA 22” is no exception. The official has confirmed that the game will be launched on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms on October 1.

Although there are new works to play every year, many of them have a common problem, which is to change the skin. On the basis of the previous work, slightly upgrade the picture quality, optimize the details, and make some mode changes. After the series name +1 It’s a new work.

So what are the improvements in FIFA 22? Change skin or new ones, according to some information currently known, let’s take a brief look.

The motion capture technology of “FIFA 22” has spent a lot of energy, inviting 22 professional football players to participate in high-intensity matches, capturing the real movements of the players every time they touch the ball, intercept, sprint and duel in real time. High-quality real athlete action data are all imported into the game, and more than 4,000 new animations are generated, making the actions of the characters in the “FIFA 22” game look more real and have a stronger sense of substitution.

“FIFA 22” uses advanced AI machine learning algorithms to learn deeply from more than 8.7 million frames of motion capture data, and then write games in real time to generate game animations, bringing players a more realistic and richer real-time immersive interactive experience of the arena.

“FIFA 22” brings more intelligent AI players to players, it makes players get FIFA 22 Coins easy, so that every AI player on the field seems to have independent tactical thinking and extremely high tacit cooperation, whether it is offensive, defensive formation, or passing and receiving. Let players get a more immersive football stadium competitive experience.

For example, when attacking, AI players can make up to 6 times more decisions per second, allowing players to focus more on the surrounding environment when attacking, and when organizing attacks, AI players can react faster to uncontrolled balls.

When defending, the AI players were reprogrammed to turn the entire team on the field into a tactically conscious team, maintaining a formation while crossing the court and holding the open position.

Based on real motion capture, optimizing the details of the player’s movements, and improving the realism and responsiveness of the scrimmage. In the game, defensive players and offensive players jump to receive passes, clear and long passes, such as pushing, pulling and squeezing with each other. The action details are more natural and realistic. The longer short transmission draws the ball to control the ball, and the more abundant aerial grabs. Details, more agile movements stop and roll the earth, etc.

Although “FIFA 22” has undergone a major upgrade, the PC version has one regret. Simply put, it castrates the new HyperMotion technology. HyperMotion technology is the biggest selling point of “FIFA 22”, but the PC version will not include this. In other words, the PC version of “FIFA 22” is an inferior version, will the Buy FIFA 22 Coins be wasted? .

EA’s statement is: Bringing HyperMotion technology and immersive matchday features to the PC may increase the minimum specification requirements, causing a large number of players to be unable to run the game. In other words, in order to allow players with low-end hardware configurations to experience it, they had to cast HyperMotion technology, because they do not want the game hardware threshold to be too high, forcing many players to be excluded or forced to upgrade the computer to play games. This reason is quite reasonable, EA conscience, awesome!

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