Food Delivery Jobs Near You This Summer

Summer can be an ideal time to make extra money with a flexible job that works around your schedule. Food delivery is just one option that pretty much anybody with a reliable mode of transportation can do. When you search for “delivery jobs near me,” consider these options to find the one that’s best for you.

Use food delivery apps to deliver for restaurants and more

One of the easiest ways to get started as a food delivery driver is to apply to be a driver with a food delivery app. Typically, there is no previous delivery experience required and often you can start delivering within days of being accepted.

To offer more delivery opportunities, some food delivery apps now have bike delivery in certain markets–typically larger cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, or Portland. So, if you don’t have access to a car, you may still be able to work as a bike delivery person.

Another service some companies are adding is alcohol delivery, which provides drivers with even more ways to earn money. However, there are usually stricter rules and requirements for drivers to be able to fulfill these orders.

Furthermore, there are delivery apps that offer grocery shopping and delivery, which provides a different way to earn. This requires either physically shopping in a supermarket for the customer’s groceries and then you deliver the order to them, or you may only need to pick up a completed order from the store to deliver it, just like a typical restaurant delivery. 

Find food delivery jobs near you

There are many ways to find food delivery work near you.

First, you could search directly with a delivery company for openings. Food delivery apps will likely have an online form to fill out to start the application process. Typically, you may just need your name, location, and an email address to begin.

Next, you can check online job boards. These can allow you to set a search location near you and are likely to list delivery job openings from many companies. Online job boards may also list similar delivery work, meaning instead of only seeing food delivery jobs, you may see results for other types of deliveries that aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, like a package delivery driver.

Finally, and depending on where you live, you may have a local pizza shop or Chinese restaurant that doesn’t use a modern delivery app for placing orders. In this case, you could speak to them directly to see if they need extra help delivering this summer.

Finding food delivery work near you may be easier than you think. Using a food delivery driver app may give you the opportunity to deliver for many restaurants in your area, which means more chances to earn extra money this summer. And online job search websites may list available delivery work near you, but could also include different types of delivery jobs besides food.

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