FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Review

From frozen operation, a stuck progress bar to a black screen, several issues could make your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad dysfunctional. The same applies to Apple TV. If you are facing such difficulties on your devices, there is a way around them – FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

The software can address more than 200 issues associated with iOS-based devices. More excitingly, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery fixes issues while ensuring that users’ data are never lost. Like to get rid of those frustrating issues on your device? Let’s walk you through how to use the program.

What Issues Can Be Repaired with FoneGeek iOS System Recovery? 

It’s not unusual to experience any or some of the following issues after updating your devices, such as iPhone or iPad:

  1. Device’s failure to power on
  2. iPhone stuck in a boot loop
  3. The device is getting bricked after an update.
  4. Failure to restore the device’s process.
  5. When users can’t remember the passcode of their device.
  6. Device’s failure to update.
  7. Device’s failure to come up after updating the iOS or simply stuck on the Apple logo.
  8. The device gets stuck on the screen display with a white spinning circle.
  9. The device gets stuck on the actual update screen or fails to install the new update.
  10. iTunes error 3196, error 4013, or error 9 during the process of restoring, updating, or backing up the device.
  11. Device’s failure to check for an update or update’s verification.
  12. The device gets stuck while trying to check or verify an update.
  13. The device fails to update.
  14. The device gets stuck while estimating time remaining screen.
  15. The device gets stuck while preparing the downloaded update.
  16. The device gets unresponsive with a black or white screen.
  17. tvOS system issue or Apple TV issue such device getting stuck with the Apple logo, during the recovery mode or in airplane mode.
  18. And lots more.

What Are the two FoneGeek Repair Modes?

As a user, you’ll find two repair modes on FoneGeek iOS System Recovery too. Below are what you should know about the two modes:

Standard mode

This mode enables users to fix common system issues, which are often encountered by Apple device users. With the standard mode, users don’t get to lose their device’s data while repairing the issues. This is an advantage over using the manual or iTunes restore options. By choosing the standard mode, the tool will consider every possible repair approach and choose the best model to improve the success rate of restoring the device back to full operation. 

Advanced mode

For some iPhone issues, the standard recovery mode may not be the best approach to resolve the problem. In such cases, simply go for the advanced mode. This mode comes in handy for most difficult issues with iPhone and iOS-based devices. However, users should bear in mind that using advanced mode means you’ll be erasing your data. For this reason, we recommend backing up your device on iCloud or computer before commencing the repair process using advanced mode. 

Once you choose the advanced repair mode, the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery tool will use a more sophisticated approach to fix the issues. With this approach, you’ll receive clear and specific instructions on how to complete the repair process and get your device up and running.

Why You Should Use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

Several benefits come with using the easy-to-use yet sophisticated iOS-repair tool. Unlike several other similar repair tools online, the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery tool is preferred for several reasons as follows:

  1. Whether you are a newbie to an iOS repair tool or a tech expert, you can easily use the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery tool.
  2. The system is completely safe and secure; it doesn’t leak or share users’ information with any third party.
  3. It supports personalized support from the customer support team.
  4. Users get a readily available detailed guide that makes the repair process straightforward. 
  5. This recovery tool comes with exclusive technology that is not available on any other similar tools online.

Final Note

So, if you are wondering whether the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is a reliable and useful option to fix your iOS-based device, a simple answer is yes. Aside from the multiple benefits listed above, the user interface is friendly and neat. With ease, you’ll be able to find your way around the tool as the tiles and interface’s scheme are appealing and supportive. 

Performance-wise, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery delivers. Whether your device’s system is failing, getting stuck, or developing issues, get the repair tool as soon as possible. The potent software for Apple device users will resolve most of your device’s issues without losing your data. More excitingly, it’s available in different plans at pocket-friendly prices. 


  • 1-Month Plan: $23.95
  • 1 Year Plan: $33.95
  • Lifetime Plan: $45.95