Follow these tips for safely reopening your office.

As the world comes to terms with Covid-19, the eventual lockdown, and now the gradual opening up of the economy, many people are ready to get their lives back on track. The pandemic saw the whole world closed down and people being confined to their homes for almost a year. This turned their lives upside down and even the livelihoods of many. Countries, companies, and people are looking forward to reopening everything that makes them feel like their lives are back on track. Restaurants, offices, cinemas, parks, schools, everything is opening up slowly with safety protocols.

Many companies are still preferring remote work to prevent any risk of spreading the disease, but all companies cannot rely on remote work. People want to get out of the video conferences and their laptops and get some real interaction with people.

If you are an office owner and are looking to open up your office soon, there are many things you have to look out for. From ensuring physical health to your workforce’s mental well-being, you need to make sure that your employees aren’t exposed to any risk. Hiring professional cleaning services of the office space would also ensure proper sanitization of the surroundings. Here are some tips you should follow when reopening the offices:

Hosting safety practices

Host Covid-19 safety practices and drills to ensure that the employees are well aware of the safety protocols. Having new policies and rules in place won’t be effective if people are not familiar with following them.

Proper implementation of the rules and practices would help contain any spread of the disease.

Proper sanitization

Getting your office space sanitized and professionally cleaned is crucial. Sanitization of the office space has been suggested in the World Health Organization guidelines as a regular practice to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Regular or weekly cleaning of your office should be on your schedule. Hiring professional cleaners would help you get it done efficiently without worrying about hiring someone new after every few days. Also, regular sanitization would help build the confidence of employees about their safety in the office.

Reducing the traffic

Areas like the cafeteria and restroom get the most traffic making it crucial to sanitize them regularly. Also, controlling the traffic and calling only the necessary employees to the office should help prevent the disease.

Demarcating the area and controlling the number of people allowed in a specific room would ensure social distancing in the office.

Checking on the ventilation and air quality

To prevent air contamination, breeding of bacteria, viruses, or mold, investing in a proper ventilation system is prudent. Open floor plans, windows, and air purifiers help improve the office’s air quality and help maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Changes in office policy

Overall, changes in the office policy are essential to prevent the disease from spreading. You cannot hold those conference meetings with a total capacity to huddle up every time to decide on a strategy.

Using your laptops for online sharing of work, using video conferences, digitizing the documents, and reducing the contact among people should be a priority.


Following these tips would ensure that the spread of any disease is kept in check and that the office operations are also maintained efficiently.