Follow these Simple Tips to Live a Happy and Healthy Sexual Life

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘sex? A way of expressing love to your partner, right? Well, sex isn’t a pair of socks. It isn’t just a way of expressing love to your partner but a lot more. And for having a great sexual life, you need to keep a check on your overall physical and emotional health. If you feel like that you haven’t been able to enjoy your sexual sessions lately, you may be stuck in a sexual rut. And this is something which is completely normal. Dry spells are a normal part of any relationship. Couples often experience sudden dip downs in their sexual life due to various health concerns – declining hormone levels and changes in neurological and circulatory functioning that lead to sexual conditions such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal pain. Treating sexual concerns isn’t difficult. You can easily get a dose of Sildenafil Citrate 200 mg or Addyi prescribed from the doctor if you are having trouble maintaining erections or experience a loss of sexual desire. And that’s what couples often report – they are happier and are able to deal with the ongoing stresses in their life when they have a happy and healthy sex life.

Sex therapists and doctors are there to guide you if you need any help but you may be able to resolve your minor issues by making a few adjustments in your lifestyle and lovemaking style. Here are some simple tips that can help reignite passion and help you live a happy and healthy sexual life.


1. Communicate with Your Partner

Good communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. And this is something that most couples struggle with. They find it difficult to talk about sex even under the best of circumstances. However, to strengthen the bond of your relationship, you should be able to talk to your partner about various things (sex included!). Choose a proper place to have a conversation with your partner. When you’re in the middle of a lovemaking session, tell them what exactly makes you feel good. Tell them about your tastes and preferences. And obviously, if you have orgasm troubles or any such issues, wait for things to cool down first.

If you are making love and find that something doesn’t make you feel good, don’t point that out. Instead, tell your partner what exactly makes you feel good so that they can switch over to that particular activity. Sexual concerns are a part of everyone’s life. Whether it’s a man who experiences erectile dysfunction or a woman who experiences vaginal dryness during menopause, make sure that you and your partner talk about such things. Such conversations help in developing a healthy and emotional connection between both partners and tying those loose ends.


2. Give Yourself Time and Educate Yourself

As a person ages, the intensity of sexual responses slows down. This happens due to the shift in hormones. As a result, a person takes more time to get aroused and reach orgasm. Give yourself time understanding your body and spend more time on sex (if you feel like). Spending more time on sex isn’t a bad thing. When you start adding more possibilities to your sexual routine, you add more joy to your sexual life.

Moreover, you can spend some time educating yourself by taking help from the Internet. The Internet is an encyclopedia that provides valuable information in abundance. There are numerous self-help books available that can help you and your partner to become aware of your concerns. Oftentimes, partners may not feel comfortable going to a sex therapist for some petty questions (as they may think). Therefore, they can do their research online or pick up a book from their nearby library or bookstore.


3. Dont Forget to Use Lubrication

Use Lubrication

Women may encounter symptoms such as vaginal dryness when they enter perimenopause. This happens as a result of the declining levels of estrogen and progesterone. To avoid having painful sex, women can make use of lubricants, gels, or lotions that can help them have a great sexual session with their partner.

When women experience pain during sex, they may not feel the urge to have sex. As a result, relationship tensions may arise. If you feel that lubricants or gels don’t work for you, take help from a doctor. Don’t ruin your cheesy moments by avoiding these things that actually require your attention.


4. Eat Healthy, Avoid Smoking, and Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Healthy choices lead to healthy living. Diet plays an immense role in your sex life. Where poor diet choices can ruin your sex drive and deplete your energy levels, healthy foods can help improve your sexual life. Fried, fatty foods and foods high in sugars clog the arteries and increase the risk of heart disease. And heart disease has been linked to erectile dysfunction. Eat foods that can improve your libido such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

On the other hand, you should stay wary of alcoholic beverages and put an end to smoking (if you do).

“Smoking reduces vitality”, says William Henderson, a physician and health consultant at Hisblue. “The presence of tobacco causes a constriction in the arteries, narrows them down, and leads to an improper blood flow to the penis. This often results in sexual concerns such as erectile dysfunction (in men) and lubrication reduction (in women)”, he adds on.

Moreover, alcohol is considered a depressant that makes it harder for a man to achieve an erection and reduces a woman’s capacity to become aroused and have an orgasm.


5. Try Different Sex Positions

Sex shouldn’t be boring. Add different sex positions to your lovemaking routine. This will not only add interest to your sexual sessions but also help you overcome problems. Stimulation of the G-spot when a man enters his penis from behind can help the woman get a highly intense orgasm. Even oral stimulation of the clitoris combined with manual stimulation of the G-spot can be a gamechanger. Some other sex positions include missionary, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, etc.


6. Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is important for improving sexual performance. These muscles support the bladder and bowel and affect sexual function. And to strengthen these muscles, you need to perform kegel exercises. Kegels can be done just about anywhere, anytime. To perform these exercises, the first job is to identify your pelvic floor muscles. While you’re urinating, stop urinating midway or tighten the muscles that keep you from passing gas. These are your pelvic floor muscles. You may hold the contraction for two or three seconds and then release. Aim for at least 3 sets of 10 repetitions a day. The best part of Kegels is that they can be done anywhere – while driving, sitting, standing, or walking. But don’t worry if you find trouble doing kegel exercises. Take help from a medical professional who can make you identify the right set of muscles and help you train them.

If nothing seems to work for you, don’t lose hope. Reach out to a doctor or sex therapist who can determine the cause of your sexual problem and provide you a suitable treatment plan. Make your sex life a priority and lead a healthy and fulfilling life with your partner ahead.