Follow a Simple Technique to Launch Your Project in less than 20 Minutes!

Many people want to start up their own business, write a book, or maybe create something unusual and launch their entrepreneurial venture. However it is needless to say that it demands time, strategical planning and effort. Therefore, most people feel stuck in overwhelm, inaction and indecision.

To overcome self-doubt and other difficulties, one has to follow a set of simple rules and techniques. In this post you will discover a method that will help you in taking action on your business idea, book or any other venture. The best part is that it will take less than twenty minutes for you to do all that. So, without further ado let’s dive into the details.

The first thing that you need to do from this point on is to assume that you have a business idea that you desperately want to work or maybe you have a book that you want to write if you don’t have anything then go pick one and resume reading.

After deciding your initial idea, you need to think of a reason for working upon that. It should be something that you value, something that you care about, anything that has nothing to do with making you famous or giving you a lot of money (they might also serve as reasons, but your reason goes deeper than that). Your cause has to be something that you feel strongly towards. It might take an hour or even more for you to look within yourself and find what moves you to tears.

Now that that’s taken care of. We will get to the technique you have been waiting for.


  1. Let your fears and uncertainty speak to you for about two minutes:


You can think of it as a form of a mini-meditation. Feeling fear of failure or any kind of uncertainty is unavoidable. It usually takes a toll on your mental health and stability; at times, it feels like stress, anxiety, indecision or avoidance. Breath, pause for two minutes in stillness and silence allow yourself to feel the fear, uncertainty and stress. Don’t think about all the stories related to your fear, anxiety or stress. Focus on the physical sensation this feeling brings. Find where the fear is located in your body? What does it feel like? You may even turn up the intensity to feel it without any barriers. At the end of these two minutes (which might feel like an eternity at that point) you will notice that you are fine and it will help you in deducing that you can, in fact, stay optimistic and secure in times of uncertainty.


  1. Take the smallest step:


Now that you have seen the impact that your fear has on you. It is time you think about the easiest or the shortest that you can take towards achieving your goal. It can be anything drawing a rough sketch of your business logo on a piece of paper or maybe a simple outline of the book that you want to write. Think for a minute and then take your pick. You can invest fifteen minutes in finding and Ghostwriter for hire. You can even take fifteen minutes of calling people and asking for their support. You may have a huge list of tasks to complete. The idea is to pick one easy, quick and straightforward task that does not have any dependency and to complete it. Taking a tiny step will allow you to beat your initial fear. The fact that you will be performing a small task will give you encouragement for taking a few more of those tiny steps.


  1. Set a timer and devote yourself:


Now that you have selected something to do, you will have to dedicate yourself to doing it. After picking a task, pour yourself into performing for fifteen minutes. Do whatever you chose to do just for fifteen minutes. It will help you learn that you will be fine. Be devoted to what you genuinely care about. There is just one thing that you need to be careful about, and that is persistence and devotion. For fifteen minutes do not allow yourself to think about anything else, do not allow yourself to switch or put things off while your timer is going.


  1. Repeat and restate:


Now take a minutes to review how it went, think about what you learned and see if it was a good to take. You also need to decide if you should switch to something else. You should do this after analyzing your work pattern, your interest and everything else that you learned. Pat yourself on the back and feel the sense of accomplishment. Relax and see how you are different then you were twenty minutes back.