Fm Whatsapp and How to download

Hello friends. Do you use whatsapp to chat? As far as I think, if you talk on the phone, then you should use WhatsApp. Because in today’s time, WhatsApp has become a top-rated messenger app. People can also do video chat, voice chat, and text chat on whatsapp, so whatsapp is an excellent app. Despite WhatsApp being such an exceptional messenger app, it still doesn’t show any kind of advertising, which is great for users. Today we will learn about FM Whatsapp apk in this post. So let’s know. What is FM whatsapp app, and how to download it?

What is the Fm Whatsapp?

FmWhatsApp Apk

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app, which has been created by altering some features of the official WhatsApp. By using this, you can get more out of official WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp has not launched FM WhatsApp. A group of developers has started it. That is why you will not find it available on the play store either.


FMWhatsapp features

In FM WhatsApp apk, you can hide your last seen, whereas if you do so in official WhatsApp, you will not see the last seen of others. But in FM WhatsApp, you can see the last seen of the other by hiding your last seen.

You can disable blue tick in FMWhatsApp, this feature is also available in official WhatsApp, but if you disable your blue tick, you will also get disabled blue tick on other messages.

One of the best features of FM WhatsApp is that you can share longer videos and files than official WhatsApp.

Even if you see someone’s status in FMWhatsApp, then the person who uploaded the status will not know.

In FM WhatsApp, you can name a group longer than the official WhatsApp.


How to download and install FM WhatsApp?

Downloading and installing FMWhatsApp is easy. Just you have to follow a few steps, and FM WhatsApp will be installed in your mobile.

  • First of all, visit the official website of FM WhatsApp.
  • On the official website, you will see the Download Now button, by pressing which you can download FMWhatsApp.
  • When your FM Whatsapp is downloaded, you can install it like any other APK.

Is Fm Whatsapp safe to use?

As security, this FM WhatsApp may not be safe to use, because the WhatsApp company does not create FMWhatsApp.

It has been created by altering the features of official WhatsApp by a group of developers, and it is also not available on the WhatsApp Play Store, so if you want more security, then you should use the official WhatsApp itself, for more info you fan search fmwhatsapp on

Last Words:

In the end, we have learned what FM WhatsApp is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it. And also know how to download FM WhatsApp and would like to tell you that this article is only about FM WhatsApp To give information, we do not have any goal to promote FM WhatsApp.

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