FlyestComedy, 800k followers, taking the scene by storm. With social media being the leading drive for exposing viral sensation, one specific force should be recognized. flyestComedy started on the scene in 2012 and has since taken social media by storm. With YouTube videos, viral instagram, and constant growth in followers, FlyestComedy has definitely proved he’s not going anywhere.

His positive attitude and good vibes only add to his charm. As he navigates the crazy world of social media, he continues to start focused on the goal. When asked his plans for the future, FlyestComedy is ready to release content for families that will have you totally consumed. He is venturing into tik tok, YouTube and insta videos containing more family oriented plots and showing more of his home life. When asked what he wishes would change on socials, his answer was not uncommon.

“Sensitivity on platforms nowadays because almost everything can be looked at inappropriately.” Something that many influencers feel, as everything is looked into so deeply and cancel culture is so “normal” . With fans and supporters all over the world, FlestComedy wants to create only positive content for his supporters, knowing he would not be where he is without them.

Started as a youngin’, FlyesComedy has an iPhone, a portable camera, and a hand held ring light. These 3 recipes are his secret to success. He loved making people laugh and literally giving them “medicine for the soul” as he states laughing. The world is so dark, videos and creators like FleatComedy are allowing that light to shine through since every video is just a touch away.

Setbacks and failure is inevitable but FlyestComedy believes in one thing- “DO NOT stop going until you have to mute your notifications!” FlyestComedy continues to achieve greatness by blocking out the haters (they’ll always be there” and focusing on the goal- laughter! Trolls mean nothing when you have such a strong following reminding you of the positive work being done and FlyestComedy is the proof in the pudding.

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