Flowers reduce stress on the workfloor

For centuries people have found flowers attractive. There are many reasons why people still buy flowers. And no, by ‘people buy flowers’ we do not mean 1% of the population. Flowers are used all over the world, which has fueled growth in the floriculture sector in recent years.

Scientists and marketers have been pondering the question ‘what is so special about flowers?’ for years. Why are people in a more positive mood when they receive flowers? Why are dried flowers more popular than normal flowers? Dried flowers also called Tørrede blomster are popular in all of Europe!

Stress, stress and again: stress

For example, sixty percent of Belgians are stressed by bills that have to be paid, overflowing to-do lists, busy days at work and the household that is always not in order. Of course we can’t remove this stress in one minute, but a bunch of flowers relieves the pain.

At least, that’s what researchers at the University of North Florida claim. They had more than 170 women complete two surveys about stress. The first survey on day one, the second on survey on day twelve. Some women received a bouquet of flowers after five days, and these women reported feeling less stressed in the last survey.

What do you give then?

You don’t have to give everyone a Blomster bouquet of flowers: you can’t skip yourself either. But if you still want to give a bouquet to your neighbor, cousin, girlfriend, parents or sister-in-law: which flowers will it be?


Festive flowers are always a perfect birthday gift. But before you buy flowers, think about which flowers this person always has in the house. Who knows, you may be able to adjust your choice accordingly!

Flowers: a great gift

Sonal: “A flower gift is very popular, both professionally and personally. Flowers can be found everywhere, there is always a suitable flower for the right occasion. For example, roses represent love, while other flowers radiate friendship, brotherhood or liveliness. You can always count on flowers.”

Origin of creativity

“Many creative minds see flowers as a source of inspiration. The shape of a single petal alone makes a poet write a whole work. Offices also use inspiration from flowers. Especially now, in a world full of innovation and digitization, we need flowers to stimulate us creatively.”

Reduce stress during work – Flowers provide psychological benefits

“Although we are not aware of this, the proximity of flowers provides psychological benefits. Harvard University has researched this and flowers do indeed have a positive influence. Flowers cause less stress, people who regularly have flowers around them are happier. Whether it’s because of color, shape or scent, a bouquet is a bundle of happiness all together.

Flowers and plants provide better concentration

Did you know that plants improve concentration? Norwegian research shows that it is easier to concentrate in a room where plants are also present. And if there’s something we could really use at work; then it’s concentration. Did you know that plants also provide more oxygen in the air? This certainly contributes to your concentration and gives you a good feeling.

Flowers and plants give a good office mood to employees

Flowers make the world a little more beautiful, literally and figuratively. An orchid in your workplace creates a decorated atmosphere and also gives you a good mood. Looking at flowers also has a calming effect and is a lot more inspiring than looking at a file folder or pen tray.