Florida’s New Immigration Laws: A Strain on Business

In an effort to curb illegal immigration, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has introduced what he claims to be the country’s “most ambitious anti-illegal immigration laws.” Expectedly, this initiative has produced a wide range of responses, from commendation to criticism. As these laws have begun to shape the business landscape in Florida, many are turning to knowledgeable attorneys to navigate the challenges and uncertainties these regulations present.

The Impacts of The Legislation

Governor DeSantis emphasized that these new laws would alleviate the financial burden on Florida taxpayers, who, according to him, have long been “footing the bill for illegal immigration.” However, skeptics argue that the state, which depends significantly on undocumented workers across various sectors like agriculture, construction, and hospitality, may face economic repercussions. The E-Verify Mandate, an essential component of the legislation, obliges numerous employers to use an electronic database to verify the legal status of potential hires, with fines waiting for non-compliant entities. In addition, the law presents potential challenges for hospitals and undocumented immigrants who hold out-of-state driver’s licenses.

Businesses and Immigrants in Limbo

Florida’s booming construction sector has long been a magnet for undocumented immigrants, willing to endure strenuous tasks and extreme weather conditions. However, the introduction of these laws has led to a labor shortage, causing delays in construction projects statewide. This shortage has triggered a surge in costs, with businesses vying for a dwindling workforce of specialized workers like roofers and masons. Juan Baregas, a subcontractor in Central Florida, expressed his frustrations, revealing the loss of half his crew due to the law. While some of his workers had the legal authorization to work, their concerns for undocumented family members forced them to relocate to states perceived as safer for immigrants. This challenging environment makes the advice and expertise of Florida Business Attorneys invaluable for businesses trying to adapt.

The ambiguity surrounding the enforcement of these laws adds to the apprehension felt by businesses and immigrants alike. However, in such tumultuous times, the role of Mid Florida Lakes Florida Business Attorneys becomes paramount. Yalaha Florida Business Attorneys can provide the necessary guidance, helping businesses and immigrants alike navigate the complexities of the new legislation.


Florida’s new immigration laws, while aiming to address concerns surrounding illegal immigration, have inadvertently strained businesses and the immigrant community. As the state grapples with the consequences, the assistance of skilled attorneys will be crucial in guiding individuals and businesses through the legal maze.