Florida Credit Firm, Best Credit Repair Company in the Miami Beach Area.

Florida Credit Firm, a local business since 2015 was awarded and recognized “Best Credit Repair Company in Miami Beach area”.

Florida Credit Firm has worked with clients all over the 50 states who need their credit issues solved or guidance to achieve better personal credit or business credit.

Florida Credit Firm has been helping thousands of clients since 2015, saving them thousands of dollars in the process and boosting their Credit ;  thanks to their background in consumer laws and years of experience in the credit repair industry.

 Florida Credit Firm uses FDCPA ( Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ) and FCRA

( Fair Credit Reporting Act ) laws to challenge derogatory or negative information, assisting clients in the Dispute Process to maximize the results.

Florida Credit Firm provides personalized financial counseling to help every client achieve financial stability all over again. They empower the clients to understand, recover, and maintain a healthy credit and financial portfolio.

In our recent interview , with the owner and founder of Florida Credit Firm, Anniel Manso.

Anniel Manso mentioned, Credit plays a vital role in our life. Most of the Business owners are taking advantage of their Credit, investing in their business with Credit and saving the profit of their business, utilizing Credit to maximize savings and obtain even more capital or bigger loans to keep investing in their own business.

What advice would you give to help our community, Credit wise, and Credit related?

If I had to give some advice, I would share the following three advice:

– To build up your credit score as much as possible, set up auto-pay on all your active credit cards to not forget or have late payments and leave your active cards under a 20 % utilization rate. 

-Don’t buy something if you cannot afford it three times in cash, if you can’t buy it in cash , don’t buy it. 

-And last but not least, educate yourself, read books, and listen to a podcast about Credit, finance, home loans, etc. There are numerous podcasts, books, and YouTube videos of people teaching; you must research and ensure that the information they share is 100% accurate and is not just a video for the views or click-baiting the audience.  

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