Take 5 oil change prices is a market-leading drive-thru oil-change concept that streamlines the process into only 10 minutes with little customer interaction. Customers may wait in their cars while services are provided at their drive through location without having to schedule an appointment in advance.

 They have been operating for over 35 years, and they take great pleasure in their customer service, knowledge, and speed when it comes to changing your oil. In Tallahassee alone, they have 16 Take 5 oil change prices Shops and 5 Auto Care locations.


Only FSU Fleet Vehicles are eligible for usage with a SpearMart or Pcard requisition. Please provide the vehicle identification number on the receipt if you paid with a Pcard.

Number ITN 6269-A, a contract awarded to the FSU after a competitive bidding process.

Term: October 4, 2021 to June 30, 2024, with two 1-year extensions possible.

“Free on Board” refers to the delivery terms.

Take 5 oil change prices Inc. has been hired by FSU to service the university’s vehicle fleet.


You must use Vendor ID 0000071213 while filling out a Services Fixed Form to purchase service.

SpearMart’s order receipts should be done individually for each invoice; AP will not be able to pay if they are combined. Take 5 coupons 50 off coupon is here.


All services included in the price of a Take 5 oil change prices (up to five quarts of oil and the filter).

  • Gas: $24.99; Diesel: $38.99
  • For capacities more than five quarts, the price each extra quart of oil is as follows.
  • Currently, petrol is $3.99 and diesel is $4.99
  • Including the filter, up to five gallons of Semi-Synthetic oil, and all other services included in the price of an oil change as outlined in the Scope of Services.
  • Prices for gasoline are $36.99 and diesel fuel is $45.98.
  • When the volume of your oil container is larger than five quarts, you will be charged a higher price per quart. Service and Oil Change using Semi-Synthetic Oil.
  • Gasoline: $4.99; Diesel: $5.99
  • Oil change service cost, which includes filter, up to five quarts of Full Synthetic oil, and all services included in the Scope of Services.
  • 52.99 for regular and 53.99 for diesel
  • If your oil container holds more than five quarts, the price per quart increases. Complete Service with a Full Synthetic Oil Swap.
  • Prices for gasoline are 5.99 and diesel are 6.00
  • Other Swap out the gasket on the drain plug.
  • always a part of the service
  • Swap out the gasket and drain plug.
  • Incorporate with service as required
  • All FSU cars must use the following brand and trade name of oil.
  • Shell Rotella, and Castrol
  • Specified oil filter brand and manufacturer for Soviet automobiles: Eco guard


Discounts for Staff and Students: At your Take 5 oil change prices Shops, staff and students may save 15% on regular oil changes, 20% on synthetic oil changes, 20% on wiper blades, filters, and coolant flushes, and 10% on tire rotations. To be qualified, students and employees must provide their valid ID cards, and payment will be made at the time of service.

FSU admits that there is no tax exemption for employee-owned or student-owned automobiles.


Think you’re paying too much for that oil change? What you’re paying must be reasonable.

The cost of an oil change at Take 5 varies according on the kind of oil you wish to buy. The following table lists the five different Take 5 oil changes and how much each one costs per quart:

  • Prices range from $5.97 for a standard oil change to $8.97 for a synthetic oil change.
  • Changing the oil on your car using a synthetic mix costs $7.97.
  • High-Mileage Oil Changes Cost Just $6.97
  • Alternating the oil in your car’s edge: $8.97
  • Mobil 1 – $9.97

The engine may take one of three different oils. At Take 5, however, you have the option of purchasing motor oil that is more expensive than regular oil but less so than fully synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is one of the most costly types of motor oil. Mobil 1 is the most expensive at Take 5.

Keep reading to get details on how much a Take 5 oil change prices you, what kinds of motor oils are available, and more.

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If you request an oil change from Take 5, they will bring you one of five different options. The cost of an oil change at Take 5 will vary with the kind of oil you choose for your vehicle’s engine.

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The five oil change options and prices from Take 5 are as follows:

  • Synthetic mix oil change – $7.97 per quart
  • Oil changes for high mileage are $6.97 per quart.
  • Oil changes at the rim: $8.97 a gallon.
  • You can get a quart of Mobil 1 for $9.97.


A comprehensive oil change is available at Take 5 service centers. This means that the price of the motor oil they use for your vehicle will be proportional to the number of quarts used and the price per quart of the oil you like.

On average, below are the full-service expenses of the several kinds of oil changes at Take 5, sorted from the least to the most expensive:

  • Pricing for a 5-Minute Convention: $41.93
  • Costing at $41.93, Castrol GTX Ultra Clean is a must-have.
  • Price: $56.93 for Castrol GTX High-Mileage
  • Cost of a combination of Castrol GTX Magnetic (at $59.93)
  • The price of synthetic Castrol Edge is $76.93 a gallon.
  • Costing $84.99, Castrol Edge Extended Performance (synthetic)

Up to 5 quarts of oil are used during a thorough oil change at Take 5 and other auto repair locations. When it comes to motor oil, the proper kind, the right quantity, and the oil change intervals that you should follow, you should always check your owner’s handbook.


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