Flawless Linksys Extender Setup Guidelines

Want to know how to set up Linksys extender smoothly? Well, whether you are a tech-savvy guy or a new to it, here is everything that you should need to know about Linksys WiFi extender setup.


If you want to overcome the no signal zone or dead zone issues in your home or office premises then obviously the very first thing you need is a WiFi router and second a WiFi range extender.


There are a lot of factors that result in unstable and weak WiFi signals. For example, if your WiFi router is position behind concrete or metal walls.


Not to worry about it.


Today we will explain to you all about Linksys WiFi extender setup in an easy manner.


So, let’s roll the balls!


What to Know Linksys WiFi Extender?


Linksys manufactured every WiFi range extender works on the same technology. Their job is simply to boost the existing home WiFi signal to cover all the weak to no WiFi signal zone in your home or office.


WiFi range extender actually repeats the WiFi signal and deliver in boosted form. That’s why they are also referred to as ‘WiFi Boosters or WiFi Repeaters’. These WiFi extenders are designed to work as a replicator to replicate the weak signal into the amplified signal.


Linksys WiFi Extender Installation Process


It’s crucial to understand about the WiFi extender installation process before stepping into the setup process. Just follow the below-mentioned steps in order to install the Linksys WiFi extender.


Step 1: Start with connecting the antennas and the power cable. Ensure that you keep the antennas at the angle of 45 degrees for best signal outputs.


Step 2: Now you need to look for the right location to install and set up the Linksys WiFi extender. So, while setting up, try to keep your WiFi extender 1-3 feet away from the WiFi router.


Step 3: Once you have finalize the location for your WiFi extender, next, you need to check its LED status.


Step 4: Now, connect your Linksys WiFi extender to the router via an Ethernet cable.


Step 5: After that, try to connect your computer to the WiFi router with another Ethernet cable.


Step 6: Open any web browser on your computer and visit extender linksys com.


Step 7: Enter the default Linksys extender login credentials in the appropriate fields.


Step 8: Click on the ‘Sign In or Log In’ button.


Step 9: Now, follow the on-screen instructions to configure your WiFi extender as per your needs and requirements.


Step 10: Once done, hit on the ‘Save’ button.


That’s it. Here you are done with the Linksys extender installation process. Now, you can try to connect any of your WiFi-enabled devices to WiFi extender’s network to test Internet connectivity.




So, that’s everything you need to understand about Linksys extender setup. We hope that our post helps you well to set up your Linksys WiFi extender accurately. If still, you find anything creating an issue or you get stuck in any of the above-mentioned steps, then comment below. We will try to answer the issue as early as possible.